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  1. What's the best weapon and/or fighting technique in anime? EXAMPLE: Weapon: tensusaiga(Seshomaru from "Inuyasha") Fighting technique: the art of the doppelganger(Naruto) There you go...Well that should explain enough.
  2. My dreams are more important. Once my dreams are fulfilled, I could get any girl I want. Manga-ka is my number one goal. And I can't let some "love" get in my way.
  3. Oh come on EVA, am I the only one here who likes the OP anime? LOL. It's not so cheesy...just a lil' salt watery!
  4. FullMetal Alchemist It's compelling, exciting, funny and sad all at the same time! Gosh, it's so awesome!
  5. LOL, yeah he's cool too, I always think the same thing about him... Anyway you guys can tell me more than one character. Feel free to do so.
  6. Seshomaru(Inuyasha) and Sasuke(Naruto). They both have these good moments and they have their evil moments. They sorta struggle, but in the end you can tell their on the good side.
  7. Uuuuuuumm, this is a good one. Duel Masters...The battles suck, while the jokes aren't really funny. The anime on disney is sometimes cheesy, except for Shinzo. The anime of Pokemon is cheesy, except for the manga. Astro Boy too... Pass around the crackers every one, and hand me a pot so we can make cheese dip! LOL
  8. I just wanted to write a thread(my first one) to apreciate the little people. No I don't mean leprachauns, but I do mean the sub characters that noone really notices that much, because they're too busy looking at the main character do some fancy attack and beating up the bad guy. So give me some good answers! Who is the best sub character? In what anime are they in, and why are they the best? Example: I think the best sub character is Seshomaru(Inuyasha). He's so awesome, and he's like some Good yet bad guy. He's just like his dad, and you've just gotta love the tensusaiga! Sesho is my favorite character of Inuyasha too, so you can tell I like him. LOL. I know, I know, cheesy example, but whatever, give me some even better answers please.
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