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  1. CaNz

    happy birthday person who knows a person that i know!

    5 stars for living!

  2. Woah, Tiana! Hit me up next time you're online!

  3. i know, right?! crazy!

  4. Orcus

    No way! You logged on! How exciting. :D

  5. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]I miss the good old times where everyone I knew was here and I would RP or talk to them. I also miss the good times where everyone just started out and we were all n00bs spamming the forums and posting in RPs with misspelt words and grammar. I miss the good times where everything was actually funny. ...just kidding. I dunno anymore.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]The new [b]Prince of Persia.[/b] Dude, I ain't playin', this game is serious f***ing business. I really love falling on purpose so Elika can save the Prince's ***, lol. Can you ever die in that game? I don't think so. Also, I love the puzzles, graphics and the fighting style. Sometimes, the Prince makes me wonder why I like playing video games. But only sometimes.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  7. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Just as Zen has said, doing things/messing around with my boyfriend. Non-dirty or dirty thoughts is up to you, seeing as how we probably do them both anyway, lol. No matter what we do, everything always seems to be fun. I mean, hey, gotta spend time with my fiance, right? That or going clubbing with my girl-friends and dancing so good that apparently I scare boys away because they are too frightened or can't dance good enough with me. Go figure.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  8. [quote name='SunfallE'][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Seriously, I haven't celebrated Easter since I was a kid. Now all I do is perhaps get together with my family to see what's up. Sometimes I'll get Easter candy to munch on though. Peanut butter chocolate eggs are yummy. :catgirl:[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Very srs business, SunfallE. Actually, we pretty much do the same thing since I turned 19 and my sister turned 16. We have to buy our own Easter candy since we both have jobs and we're too old to be made Easter baskets anymore,
  9. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Wow... I can tell I haven't been here in so long. Everything and everyone looks/feels so much more different then the last year or two I've been here. Anyway, why don't we ask Haku to change his/hers a little bit at the end to make it into one solid colour? I'm sure they wouldn't mind, as to how it's only a little bit of change. :][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  10. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][FONT="Tahoma"]I'll claim. :] It'll be a bit hard to try to connect to Sayrin's beautiful piece, but I'll try. [B]EDIT[/B]: It took so fricking long to try to connect someone else's piece with mine, haha. None the less, I think this was the most fun GW entry aside from my HG! one last year. I like making colourful graphics and playing with the colour wheel; it's fun. Anyway, here we goooooo. [URL="http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c307/CloudsOnly189/sa.jpg"][[:.My True Love.:]][/URL] I hope it connects because I spent twenty minutes on
  11. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="black"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Colleges can be so cruel sometimes, no matter how much you've suffered to just send in an application. I can honestly say I don't know what you're going through because I've never had a dream college in one of the top 10 or 20 schools. I never really thought about college period until I was a Junior and Senior when it all finally hit me. Thinking about it, I don't want to live with my parents forever because I want to be free and live life the way I want to, but also because I don't want to be a moocher like some of my aunts
  12. [SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][FONT="Tahoma"]Very nice, Shy, as expected from you. I think we should do something along the lines of a time warp where we go back in time and sing songs from the oldies. Or maybe something dramatic. Something about the OB members breaking out in song while living life just seems so [I]epic[/I].[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  13. [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]I miss a lot of the older people who kind of don't come here anymore. BKStyles I consider as a really, really great friend; he's like a big brother to me. He's lifted me up so many times I haven't even thanked him for everything yet. Sakura, Kitty, Disenchanted and Ezekiel are all sisters to me in which I've learned so much from RPing to Graphic wise. Goodbye Face, White, Engel and Jokopoko are all my brothers to me because they're all really talented and make me laugh whenever I need to. Although, White (or 8bit) never hardly ta
  14. [quote name='8bit'][FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]Kind of sucks with all these food places nowadays family recipes are becoming less and less common. :([/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"] It does really, there's hardly any originality in the food business anymore; it's all about money and no heart. My mom has the ultimate secret recipe for her famous Peach [B]Cobbler[/B]. It involves cinnamon and fresh-cut peaches, not to mention her other secret ingredients. Of course, I know what they all are and I know how to make it, so I bake it whenever I
  15. [quote name='PyrusDragon']Right now I'm replaying Final Fantasy VII (ps1) Imo, it's the best in a few ways. Don't call me a huge fan (fangirl in this case) cause I am well aware of the many flaws in the game. I just find it to be the best in terms of music, battles, some storyline (Too... many... plotholes...) and it was my first FF. I find it to be an enjoyable experience (albeit boring at the beginning) that keeps me hooked for hours on end. Main reason I'm replaying it: I'm getting Crisis Core (psp) very soon.[/QUOTE] [FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Whaaaat? Yo
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