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  1. [color="#800080"]Eva let out a soft sigh as the large store finally came into view, but they were coming toward it from the rear. She snuck up to the building with Blayze, Glaceon and Mightyena by her side, keeping watch in case there were any more pokémon or other humans around. Her eyes scanned the building and viewed a locked fire exit. She signalled toward it and hugged the shadows of the building to reach the doorway. [b]"I don't know if there are other people her so I'd prefer to get through here instead of getting through the main entrance..."[/b] she sur
  2. [color="#800080"]Sorry I haven't posted recently, been quite busy with work. Will try to get one done within the week.[/color]
  3. [color="#800080"]Briefly researched the names and it seems that it's from a manga called "Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!" which translates into "I love/like you, Suzuki-kun!" as said in one of the speech bubbles. And it does fit in with what I can read of the Japanese at the bottom of the image. Hope that helps. =)[/color]
  4. When I realized the name display meant I keep my original user name... I had to give it a try. Though at this rate of using Lucia avi's for so long... I'm gonna end up pulling out the game and replaying it.

  5. <3 First post on your profile!

  6. Yay, name change! Lucia's befitting since you've had her as you avi/sig set for quite a while. I miss the Lunar games...

  7. Sakura

    Miiiiiike~ What's going on? Haven't seen you around.

  8. [size="1"][b]OOC:[/b] Decided to name my Blaziken 'Blayze'[/size] [color="#800080"]Evangeline was currently taking rest, sitting and leaning behind the edge of a damaged building, close enough that she could peek her head out to look at the area in front when she wanted to. She had been stealthily making her way around Goldenrod, keeping watch of the sentry Pokémon, prowling the streets. Since she had had to get out of the Radio Tower so quickly, she hadn't had time to grab her pack, so one of her priority stops was to go to the Mart and pick up some much ne
  9. [size="1"][b]OOC:[/b] Had issues with this since I had it close to completion yesterday and was about to save it onto a document when my browser committed suicide, losing all my work T__T [url=http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/1746/50nup4nt.jpg]Appearance Here[/url] â?? Typically seen wearing jeans, sneakers, and a button-up shirt. She is currently aged 26 but will be turning 27 in two weeks.[/size] [color="#800080"][b]â??All right listeners, this is Eva on the Air with PokéTalk 92.9, coming to you live with your one stop hit for your music and news needs!â?[/b]
  10. Thanks :D Your cactus needs a really puffy jacket to hug people with.

  11. haha, its quite adorable... plus i totally feel like a cactus sometimes.

  12. Dig the avatar, Lrb.

  13. Haha, cheers about the Avatar comment. I thought it was adorable when I saw it. Everytime I look at it, the word the resounds in my head is 'REJECTED~!' =P

  14. i love your avatar!

    i would hug the cactus.....

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