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  1. [color="#800080"]Eva let out a soft sigh as the large store finally came into view, but they were coming toward it from the rear. She snuck up to the building with Blayze, Glaceon and Mightyena by her side, keeping watch in case there were any more pokémon or other humans around. Her eyes scanned the building and viewed a locked fire exit. She signalled toward it and hugged the shadows of the building to reach the doorway. [b]"I don't know if there are other people her so I'd prefer to get through here instead of getting through the main entrance..."[/b] she surmised aloud. With a few quick orders she super heated the door with a strong fire blast from Blayze, followed by a sudden cooling with Glaceon, making the metal of the door brittle. She quickly glanced around at her immediate surroundings before kicking at the weakened spot of the door, shattering a sizable hole in it which could be used as an entrance. Glaceon and Mightyena jumped through first, calling out when the way looked clear. Eva slowly climbed through and looked around to see exactly which section they were in. It just so happened that they were in the pharmaceutical department, so Eva grabbed a pack from under the counter and started filling it with bandages, various types of potions, status healing solutions, as well as other first aid items that were likely to come in handy on their future journey. She also grabbed a band-aid, sticking it over the gash on her cheek that she had gained from falling down the stairs in the Radio Tower. As she was packing she suddenly heard the scuffing sound of footsteps. She dived and rolled to get behind a solid display, trusting her pokémon to take care of their own hiding places for the mean time. As the steps got closer she could hear the voices of two people talking casually. Eva didn't want to make herself known since she had no way to deduce whether they were good or bad. Luckily for her the two people didn't do any intense searching of the area and just continued walking into a different department. She stuck her head to ensure that the coast was clear before standing and stealthily moving toward the door that the two had exited through. Her pokémon reappeared at her side, and she decided to retreat Blaziken and Mightyena since they were the big and would be seen, especially with the new development that there were other people in the building. Evangeline stood on opposite sides of the door from Glaceon, she made eye contact with him and tapped her ear, pointed to the doorway and held her hands out in question. His ears pricked and was motionless for a few moments before nodding and entering the new department. They made their way into the food department, while grabbing anything useful she could see on the way, and she swiftly stocked her pack in the area. At the moment it was empty but she had no idea if someone would enter at any moment. Once she was done cautiously moving around the store she saw that the main entrance was right in front of her. It seemed to be clear so she hurriedly went for it, making it to outside air and thinking she was in the clear. She started to make her way toward the streets again but it so happened that two girls walked around the corner of the building and spotted her. Glaceon jumped in front of Eva protectively and growled. Each of the girls instinctively grabbed a pokéball and released an Espeon and an Umbreon. [b]"Who are you?"[/b] she asked them, her guard up in case they weren't friendly. [b]"We could be asking you the exact same thing."[/b] one of them answered with a glare, she seemed to be the more confident of the two. Eva narrowed her eyes carefully before deciding to answer. [b]"My name's Evangeline Drake."[/b] The one who had replied looked thoughtful for a moment. [b]"Evangeline Drake? As in Eva from Pokétalk 92.9?"[/b] [b]"That's right"[/b] she lifted her chin. [b]"And you are?"[/b] [b]"I'm Kiera, and this is Dusa."[/b] [b]"What are you doing here?"[/b] [b]"There's a group of us who have gathered together, we met after the pokémon attacked the city."[/b] [b]"Hmm, not just this city either."[/b] After a slight questioning look Eva elaborated. [b]"When the pokémon attacked us I was reading out a headline about Vermillion City in Kanto being hit by a similar strike."[/b] [b]"I think you seem to be trustworthy seeing as you were caught in the attack too."[/b] Kiera spoke, recalling her Espeon as Dusa recalled Umbreon. Eva waved her hand at Glaceon, who immediately stopped bristling and trotted back to her side. [b]"Well I'm glad you think so."[/b] she replied dryly. [b]"So, what's your pokémon team then, apart from the obvious."[/b] Kiera's gaze falling to Glaceon. [b]"Glaceon, clearly, Blaziken, Mightyena, Donphan, and Ampharos."[/b] she answered easily. [b]"Hmm, only five? I thought you would have a full team."[/b] was the suspicious reply. [b]"....Yeah, guess not..."[/b] she answered quietly, hand going up to the pokéball around her neck. Kiera nodded but it was obvious that she wasn't going to let it go. [b]"Come on, let's go meet up with the rest of the group."[/b] The three of them, four including Glaceon, headed back toward the entrance of the store that Eva had just left.[/color] [size="1"][b]OOC:[/b] Takuya, Lilt, hope the post is ok. Let me know if you want me to change anything. [b]OOC2:[/b] Alright Takuya, made the edits as requested.[/size]
  2. [color="#800080"]Sorry I haven't posted recently, been quite busy with work. Will try to get one done within the week.[/color]
  3. [color="#800080"]Briefly researched the names and it seems that it's from a manga called "Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!" which translates into "I love/like you, Suzuki-kun!" as said in one of the speech bubbles. And it does fit in with what I can read of the Japanese at the bottom of the image. Hope that helps. =)[/color]
  4. When I realized the name display meant I keep my original user name... I had to give it a try. Though at this rate of using Lucia avi's for so long... I'm gonna end up pulling out the game and replaying it.

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  8. [size="1"][b]OOC:[/b] Decided to name my Blaziken 'Blayze'[/size] [color="#800080"]Evangeline was currently taking rest, sitting and leaning behind the edge of a damaged building, close enough that she could peek her head out to look at the area in front when she wanted to. She had been stealthily making her way around Goldenrod, keeping watch of the sentry Pokémon, prowling the streets. Since she had had to get out of the Radio Tower so quickly, she hadn't had time to grab her pack, so one of her priority stops was to go to the Mart and pick up some much needed supplies or there was no chance that she would survive. She turned to her three Pokémon which were currently out of their balls; Blayze, Glaceon and Mightyena, she had made a strategic decision to recall Donphan, due to his size, and Ampharos, due to his tail light, which would make her group more obvious to outsiders. They had so far done a good job of being silent and unseen, but from her current position, she would have to cross open ground to head further in the right direction of the stores. [b]"Keep watch for enemy attacks. Try to move swiftly and silently, but if we're caught, be prepared to engage."[/b] she whispered softly. Eva took a deep breath and raised herself into a crouched position, she was looking toward the direction they would be headed, but held up three fingers in a silent countdown. After one, she used her index finger to indicate movement as she got up and started to sprint the open path, knowing her Pokémon were right behind her. She was close to making the distance when there was a loud growl followed by barking, Eva turned her head in the direction and saw a large Houndoom, flanked by a Houndour and an Arcanine. She skidded to a stop, knowing that she would have to fight or risk being chased and get hurt while running. [b]"You wanna fight? Bring it on!"[/b] she yelled, clenching her fists. [b]"Blayze, Glaceon, Mightyena, GO!"[/b] The two groups of Pokémon started their stampede towards each other. Glaceon let off a few blasts of ice directed at the Arcanine, the fire Pokémon was able to dodge the first two barrages, firing back with blasts of flame, before Glaceon was able to make contact with its left side. The large fire dog went down, and Glaceon made no hesitations in closing the distance and encapturing the enemy in a solid outer coat of ice. He yipped with his battle's success before heading forward to help the other two. Mightyena chose to engage the leader Houndoom, the two of them circling warily before randomly jumping in to take bites and scratches at one another. Houndoom was distracted by a flurry of ice sent forth from Glaceon, and Mightyena chose that opening to rush forward and take down the other dog. Houndoom roared and squirmed under the weight of Mightyena but was unable to get free. He bit the other on the neck, hard enough to damage and constrict its windpipe, after about a minute the Houndoom stopped fighting as it passed out from lack of air. Mightyena rose off the other Pokémon and watched as Blaziken just finished off the Houndour. Blayze jumped in the air to avoid an immediate charge from Houndour, diving back down to earth with his leg aflame and outstretched, catching the small dog unprepared. It rolled from the impact before getting back to its feet, teeth bared and snarling in anger. It fainted toward Blaziken before released a funnel of fire in his direction. He swiftly dodged the attack before moving in close and sending the smaller Pokémon flying with an uppercut, with a strong jump Blayze launched himself into the sky to catch up with the Houndoor, and sending it crashing back down to earth with a punch. He landed on his feet gracefully and turned to face Eva and her other Pokémon, heading toward them quickly. [b]"Great work guys, now let's get out of here before any more come."[/b] Eva smiled brightly, continuing their journey.[/color]
  9. [size="1"][b]OOC:[/b] Had issues with this since I had it close to completion yesterday and was about to save it onto a document when my browser committed suicide, losing all my work T__T [url=http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/1746/50nup4nt.jpg]Appearance Here[/url] â?? Typically seen wearing jeans, sneakers, and a button-up shirt. She is currently aged 26 but will be turning 27 in two weeks.[/size] [color="#800080"][b]â??All right listeners, this is Eva on the Air with PokéTalk 92.9, coming to you live with your one stop hit for your music and news needs!â?[/b] Evangeline â??Evaâ?? Drake settled back into her seat as she adjusted the radio microphone to the correct height. It was good to be back in her rightful place as radio show host after taking a long service leave to travel to the Kanto region. Her deft fingers shuffled the papers that sat on the desk in front of her. In neat, precise typing were the various headlines for the day that had just come in, each summarised in a quick line or two. Her eyes widened as she glanced down at the very first headline that sat on the top sheet and she quickly scanned it again to make sure she had read it correctly. [b]â??Attention listeners, this news just in, Vermillion City in the Kanto Region has been hit by a Pokémon strike! Repeat, Vermillion City in Kanto has fallen to a Pokémon uprising! And it seems th-â??[/b] she gasped as an explosion rocked the Radio Tower. She turned her face upward as all the lights flickered thrice before dying out completely, plunging the tower into darkness. Eva got to her feet and ran to the large glass windows that looked out over the city of Goldenrod. From her lofty position she could see waves of Pokémon moving through the streets, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake. She pressed a hand against the cool glass as she leaned to look further down; what she saw caused her to push away quickly and run for the doorway. A group of the Pokémon had separated from the mass and were headed in a beeline straight for the Radio Tower. Evangeline threw open the soundproof door and was immediately assaulted by the sounds of screaming and general panic. The control room, which was usually brightly lit by computer monitors and desk lamps, was completely dark. She pulled a pokéball from her pocket and released her Ampharos; his glowing tail immediately lit up the room to reveal several of the employees cowering under their desks and in the corners of the room. [b]â??Hey! What are you all still doing here?! The Pokémon are attacking, and I suspect it wonâ??t be long before this Tower falls. Get out of hereâ?¦NOW!â?[/b] she shouted. She didnâ??t know whether it was her voice, or the next explosion that shocked the group into action. The building rocked and dust started to fall from the ceiling as they scrambled to their feet and ran for the stairs. After a moment of thought, Eva chose two more pokéballs and released her chosen Pokémon. [b]â??Glaceon, Mightyena, search the rest of the building, make sure that there arenâ??t any more people in here. If there are, make sure you corral them to the exit.â?[/b] the two Pokémon nodded in indication that they understood the order before taking off for the stairs. [b]â??Câ??mon Ampharos, weâ??d better head toward the ground floor ourselves.â?[/b] she mused. She was currently situated on the highest level of the tower, and below her were five more storeys. Eva cast a last look around the room before dashing for the staircase. As she descended the stairs, it was clear that the structure of the building had become very compromised, as larger amounts of plaster started to rain from the ceiling. She was running down the stairs as fast as she could, while avoiding the chunks of rubble that threatened to cause her pain. It occurred two levels down. Eva was taking two stairs at a time and being slightly careless, there was rubble scattered across several of the steps. As her foot came into contact with the material, she lost friction, and her momentum sent her sprawling head over heels. She tried to use her arms to protect her head and curl into more of a ball to minimise damage, but she could do nothing to stop herself until she collided into the wall at the next landing. Eva straightened and clamoured to her feet with a groan, stretching her back. Ampharos rushed down the stairs to meet her, making sounds of concern and pressing his paws against her arm. [b]â??Iâ??m fine, Ampharos. Just a little soreâ?¦â?[/b] she felt something wet on her cheek and lifted a hand to see what it was. She hissed when her fingers came in contact with a cut across her left cheek. She lifted her shoulder and wiped her cheek against it, smearing blood across her shirt. When she noticed that Ampharos was still staring, she reaffirmed that she wasnâ??t badly injured, which seemed to finally placate him. She decided to walk with one hand braced against the wall since she was a little shaken up from her tumble. As she made the turn to the next set of stairs, Glaceon and Mightyena were coming up to meet her. They immediately noticed the state that she was in and started to jump around her feet and yip in worry. [b]â??Enough! Iâ??m fine, okay? Are you sure that thereâ??s no one left in the building?â?[/b] When they nodded their assurance she was satisfied. [b]â??Okay then, now weâ??d better get out of here ourselves.â?[/b] The group of four continued their journey for the exit. Glaceon and Mightyena were in front, followed by Eva and Ampharos. There was a large explosion which sent them into the wall, as the tremors and swaying of the building became increasingly more violent. They were about to make it to the landing of the third level when there was a blast that surrounded the building and the roof chose that moment to cave in, blocking off the rest of the pathway down, and from the sounds of it, the whole route down to the exit was blocked off too. The party was just able to jump out of the way of the falling debris, but inhaled a load of the dust that came with it, causing them all to sneeze and cough. [b]â??Damn it. First day back at work, worst day [i]ever[/i]. Donphan, Roll Out! Make a hole to the outside!â?[/b] she yelled as she released the fourth member of her Pokémon team. Donphan came forth with a loud trumpet, before spinning and break out to the left, crashing straight through the walls without problem. Evangeline stepped into the wake of Donphanâ??s attack and stared along the path he had created, seeing the fires burning outside the walls of the building. They all ran for the exit hole and glanced down. The ground was a fair way away, and that made them all shirk from the edge just a little. Donphan had crashed straight through and waited for them on the ground, sitting in a crater that had been made when he landed. Her fifth Pokémon burst forth when issued. [b]â??Blaziken, grab the others and jump them to safety.â?[/b] The flame Pokémon scooped up the other three and moved to the hole. They all glanced back at Eva, who made shooing motions with her hands. Blaziken nodded and crouched, before using his powerful legs to propel them from the building and land them safely on the ground below. Evangeline looked around and could see that some of the attacking Pokémon were starting to head in their direction after hearing the commotion that Donphan caused breaking out. The pressure was on, and she had to hurry. Finally she reached into the front of her shirt and pulled out her necklace. On the end of it was a pokéball which she plucked off, she smiled as she looked at the small ball, thinking of the creature hidden within. It was her newest acquisition, and she was very proud of it. [i]One week ago, while she was still in Kanto, Eva was walking around Viridian City, and decided to move on. She entered the forest nearby and breathed in the cool, fresh air, taking in all of the excessive greenery. There was a constant rustle of grass and leaves as the native Pokémon moved about in their day to day activities. Bird Pokémon squawked from their perches as they peered down at her as she walked below. Eva loved the forest, it was so peaceful and untouched by humans. She started to hum quickly to herself as she walked, looking around for any Pokémon she would want to add to her collection. All of a sudden there was a loud cry of a Pokémon in distress, her head shot up in recognition and looked around in all directions to see if it was close by. She ran in the direction of where she thought it came from. There was another cry and the sound of cruel human laughter, which made Eva want to find them even faster. Finally she ran into the clearing, there were a group of teenagers standing around a huddled form, their Pokémon stood beside them and they were torturing the creature for the fun of it. It was obvious that they had no intentions of capturing it, and Eva suspected that it had already been injured prior to the group finding it. [b]â??Hey! Get away from it!â?[/b] she yelled as she released her Blaziken, Donphan and Glaceon. Her three Pokémon immediately leapt into action, taking on the Pokémon of the attackers swiftly and efficiently. One of the older boys stepped forward, most likely the leader of the merry band of bandits. [b]â??What do you want? This is none of your business.â?[/b] he sneered, recalling his fainted Pokémon. [b]â??It is my business when I see a group of kids picking on an innocent Pokémon. I suggest you get out of here before I call the authorities for crimes against Pokémon.â?[/b] The boy scoffed, [b]â??Fine, letâ??s go. Itâ??s pretty much toast anyway.â?[/b] The group of them all laughed as they sauntered off. Eva growled, fists clenching in anger, but there was nothing she could do about them. When she could no longer see them, she ran forward to tend to the injured Pokémon. She gasped and stepped back when she realised exactly what it was. [b]â??â?¦Latiâ?¦asâ?¦?â?[/b] she breathed in disbelief. How could those teenagers be so cruel to such a beautiful Pokémon? The red and white Pokémon opened its eyes to look at her wearily before closing them again. That begged the question, where was Latios? The pair of Pokémon were typically seen together, not apart. Eva approached carefully, drawing a potion out of her pack. [b]â??Itâ??s ok, Iâ??m here to help you.â?[/b] she placated softly, trying to calm her down. Latias squirmed uncomfortably and looked like she wanted nothing more than to fly away and leave the Viridian Forest behind. Eva crept up and laid a gentle hand on her, stroking her back. The creature twitched away and turned her head to look at her angrily, as if blaming her for the injuries she had sustained. [b]â??Ok, ok, I just want to spray this so that youâ??ll feel better, then Iâ??ll leave if you want, okay?â?[/b] she bargained. Latias seemed to finally accept the proposition and laid her head down again. Eva nodded and prepped the potion spray, stepping back and misting the chemical across the whole Pokémon, making sure to cover every area. She started to smile as she saw it taking effect, the scratches and bruising started to fade away, but since it wasnâ??t a very strong potion, it didnâ??t heal her completely. [b]â??There, Iâ??m done. Bye Latias, hope you get better soon.â?[/b] she smiled, giving the Pokémon a wave and turning to walk away with her own Pokémon. The wounded creature watched her retreat for a moment before calling out to Eva, who turned around to survey Latias once again. Her eyes said everything, and Eva moved in on the Pokémon again. [b]â??Do you want me to take you to a Pokémon Centre?â?[/b] she queried. Latias nodded. Eva recalled Glaceon and Donphan, but asked Blaziken to help hoist Latias up and into their arms. Side by side they carried the injured creature to the closest Pokémon Centre, which was in Pewter City. Right before they reached the entrance, Latias fainted, which worried Eva tremendously because there was a possibility that she could die from trauma. Nurse Joy whisked her away on a stretcher, and all Eva could do was wait. Two hours later, Nurse Joy emerged with a fully recovered Latias. Evangeline was relieved and walked out with Latias flying behind her. Eva turned around with a grin. [b]â??Iâ??m glad youâ??re ok. Take care of yourself.â?[/b] Latias shook her head and nudged against Evaâ??s shoulder, eyes pleading. [b]â??You want to come with me?â?[/b] a nod, [b]â??Really?! Well, Iâ??d be honouredâ?¦â?[/b] She rustled in her pocket for an empty pokéball and held it in her open palm as an offering. Latias called out cheerfully and pressed the button on the front of the ball, and was sealed away immediately. Eva was glowing from the force of her smile as she cradled her newest friend. They would definitely get along well in the future.[/i] [b]â??Latias go!â?[/b] she called, hurling the ball out of the hole. The dragon creature crowed and flew close so that Eva could climb on; together they flew down to the ground to reunite with the other five. Eva recalled Latias for safety, since she was her newest Pokémon, no one knew that she had her yet, and she wasnâ??t quite sure she was ready for the publicity just yet. [b]â??Ok guys, letâ??s move.â?[/b] she whispered as they snuck around the Tower and escaped from the advancing group who were adamant to take down the Radio Tower.[/color]
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