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  1. [COLOR="Navy"]In most cases, I usually fall asleep at around eleven or so. After watching Southpark on Comedy Central that is :D[/COLOR]
  2. [QUOTE](Or fill up super-soakers?!)[/QUOTE] [COLOR="navy"]That's a great idea. I told my friends about it and I got two to go along with it. There gonna go around from the sides of the building with super soakers and juggalo faces.[/COLOR] [QUOTE]I wouldn't recommend throwing it in the crowd, that'd be scary if people got confused.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Navy"]I was actually thinking of doing that ( also putting a little spin on it to get some better range) and I hadn't thought of the confusion that it would cause. Thanks for advising against it. Thanks to everyone for the
  3. [COLOR="Navy"]Hi everybody. I need some help real quick. I have a plan for the last day of school which includes me painting my face like ICP, dying my hair blue, getting on top of the school's roof, and spraying soda over everyone. But I have a problem. I'm not sure which method is best to get soda to fizz up and spray the farthest. My friends say to put Mentos in a 2-liter of Pepsi. But does it matter what brand of soda I use? Or do my friends not know what they're talking about all-together? Please, any suggestions?[/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR="Navy"]In my history class we recently had to remake the 'TWas the Night Before Christmas' poem with an event from U.S. history. So I thought it might be fun if the people in the good old OB created something like it in a comical form one stanza at a time. The rules are simple. 1. Only post one stanza. 2. Each stanza has to be four lines and has to ryhmn. 3. Each post has to correspond in some way to the last. If you want to post, have fun. If not, oh well.[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="Navy"]Well I think that the mass majority of people would agree that Christopher was no man of honor. Anyways I fiqureured out how to get the poll thing up (Thanks SunfallE) so go crazy with the poll...um...polling? Is that it? Anyways, feel free to vote on the poll.[/COLOR]
  6. [quote name='Aceburner']This thread is in need of a poll. Like nobody's frickin' business.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Navy"]How would I go about adding a poll to this thread?[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR="Navy"]No doubt about that in my mind, Retribution. However, there are still alot of people who find ways to justify his actions.[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR="Navy"]Recently we did a report about our opinions on Christopher Columbus in school talking about whether we thought he was either; A) A 'Hero'. or B) A 'Villian'. So I was wandering where you lot stand on whether he was a hero or a villian (for the lack of better terms). So please tell you're opinion and why. The way part of course being details supporting you're view point.[/COLOR]
  9. I need help help with a part in Till the End of Time. I'm at the part where I just defeated the boss in the cave after Nel saves Fayt and Cliff. I'm trying to get out of the caverns. I can't fiqure out the path to take with the haulers. Can any one help?
  10. [COLOR=Navy]Pie is freakin [B]AWESOME[/B]! I don't know where the world would be without the invention of pie...it's kinda scary to think of life without pie... [/COLOR] :animestun
  11. [COLOR=Navy]I'd go Wild West with two twin 45 Magnum Revolvers. They got enough power to blow someone's head to bits, easy to carry since they're compact, and they've always looked cool to me.[/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=Navy]My freind Jeffery has been writing a story lately and has been asking me and his other freinds for opinions and criticism. I suggested that he let me post his story on the OB and he was all for it. So far he's got three chapters finished. All of the chapters are really short. So here are the fineshed chapters. Please tell me what you think.[/COLOR] [CENTER][B][I][U][COLOR=DarkRed]Chapter 1.[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B][/CENTER] [COLOR=Navy]There were many trees there. All of them bare, stripped of their leaves by the cold of past weeks. The branches s
  13. [COLOR=Navy][I]Dammit,[/I] Zane thought to himself as he moved up in line, [I]This armor's gonna hold me back when it comes time for the obstacle course...Same goes for when it's my turn to shoot the arrows. I could probably take off the gauntlets while I shoot. But that still leaves the problem of the obstacle course...Damn...Well I could probably use teleport every now and then...But that takes up alot of energy...And it doesn't get me that far anyways...I could use my wings...But then again this armor was designed to help restrain my father's powers...There's no telling what'll happen if I
  14. [COLOR=Navy]I agree with Kenshin DX. All of us teenage boys are, without a doubt, self conscience, hyperactive, jack-assess. And it would be best to wait a little while. I also agree with the people that said that if he only pays attention to you when you give him stuff, then he's not worth your time.[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=Navy][B]"BEGIN!"[/B] the judge shouted. Everyone started running towards who they thought would be easiest to take down,[B]"And so it begins."[/B] Zane whispered to himself. Out of the cornrer of his eye, Zane saw a man running towards him and couldn't help but to laugh a little. Zane stepped back one pace, and held his leg out tripping the man. [B]"CONTESTANT 134, OUT!"[/B] the judge said. [I]This is gonna be easier than I expected.[/I] Zane thought to himself. He ran out into the middle of the ring to try and get out more competeters. There he saw the witch that had talked to him las
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