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    Hello everyone, my name is Crazy Kev, everyone's favorite spikey haired, pie loving pyro! If you wish to know more about me or the comic I'm working on, please e-mail me. I'm a cool person to know and to be friends with also.

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  1. OOC: Just to let you know, we're only allowed to use 10 moves total (5 for me, 5 for you) in each in a battle. Just telling you incase you forgot. [COLOR="DarkGreen"]"Alright Dratini, use Slam" Karzar yelled as Dratini charges at Cyndaquil.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]"Cyndaquil, dodge it!" Cody yelled as Cyndaquil jumps into the air.[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkGreen"]"You fell for it, Dratini, use Thunder Wave!" Karzar yelled as Dratini emits electricity from it's body, shocking Cyndaquil while jumping in the air, paralyzing it. "Alright! Let's finish the combo off with a Dragon Breath!" Dratini then shoots a bluish flame from it's mouth, hitting Cyndaquil with a direct hit.[/COLOR] "Wow! Karzar's Dratini is really powerful!" Skyler said to Craig as he continues to watch the fight. OOC: You can continue from here garmeil.
  2. [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]As they walk into the store, Karzar looks at everything that's hung on the shelves and in display for sale. [COLOR="Green"]"Hmmm....Nothing here interests me."[/COLOR] Karzar said as he walks back outside. [COLOR="Green"]"Where are you going? Aren't you getting supplies?"[/COLOR] Cody asked right before Karzar walked out of the door. [COLOR="Green"]"No, I already have supplies I need for class. I just came to see if there was anything here that interests me."[/COLOR] Karzar said as he leaves the pokemart. Karzar then walks back the courtyard, waiting for Cody to arrive. Fifteen minutes later, he sees a group of three boys walking towards him. [COLOR="Green"]"Hmmm.....Cody's here!" [/COLOR]Karzar said to himself as he walks towards Cody and his friends. [COLOR="Green"]"So, I take it you've brought an audience." [/COLOR]Karzar said. [COLOR="Green"]"But enough of that, let's get this battle started!" [/COLOR]Karzar quickly points Craig and tells him, "You'll be our judge, ok?" "Alright." Craig said with a nod. Both trainers then stood across from each other from about 20 feet. [COLOR="Green"]"This match is between the two trainers. Cody and Karzar. Each trainer is only allowed to use one pokemon in this battle. Hey, I'm good at this!" [/COLOR]Craig said as both trainers take out their pokemon. [COLOR="Green"]"Dratini, I chose you!" [/COLOR]Karzar yelled as he throws his pokeball into the air. [COLOR="Green"]"Cyndaquil, I chose you!"[/COLOR] Cody yelled as he throws his pokeball into the air. Both pokebals open up as a red lazer comes out to let both pokemon out. [COLOR="Green"]"Alright, let's get this party started[/COLOR]!" Karzar said as he readjusts his sunglasses.[/COLOR] OOC: You can finish from here garmeil.
  3. [COLOR="DarkGreen"]"You've been worried alot lately. And it's only the first day here at the academy, so I see nothing to worry about. But anyway, my room is just down this hallway. Nice seeing you both again. Come Dratini." Karzar said as waves while he walks down the hallway to his room, with Dratini following him. "He's a very nice guy! It was nice seeing him again!" Aryanna said. "Yeah. I wonder when his Dratini will evolve into a Dragonair. (But I'm still worried that he'll be challenging me more often. He's one of the toughest trainers I've seen in battle!)" Said Sean as he watches Karzar walk down the hallway. Just as Karzar reaches his room, he opens the door and closes it. "Not bad, not bad at all!" Karzar said as he puts his guitar case against the wall and takes out a laptop from his backpack and places it on a table. "Alright then, let's see how the other pokemon at home are doing." Karzar hooks up the laptop as he turns it on. With a satellite his parents launched into space, he is able to see how his pokemon are doing through video camera's linked into the satellite. Karzar does have a Charmeleon, Umbreon, and a Scyther at home, but they help Karzar's Dratini train. "Alright then, let's see how the others are doing. Charmeleon is doing fine, Umbreon is sleeping, and Sycther is helping mom cut the grass. Seems everything's okay. And I see dad is training Dragonite and Charizard Awesome!" Karzar shut off his laptop for now and returns Dratini back into it's pokeball. "Dratini, return!" The pokeball Karzar is holding opens up as a glowing red lazer appears, capturing Dratini and putting it back into it's pokeball. "Let's see now, what to do next.....Pokemart! Just going to see what they have." Karzar opens the door, walks down the hallway, and leaves the building. Just as he walks to the pokemart, he sees all the wild pokemon running around such as Mankeys, Aipoms, and Primeapes swinging from tree to tree, bird pokemon like Pidgeys, Sparrows, Taillows, Swellows, and other bird like pokemon flying. "Really nice to see pokemon come out on a beautiful day like this! It'll be really nice to go to that forbbiden area everyone's been talking about. Would be very cool to see a legendary pokemon there!" Karzar said with a smile on his face. Karzar has been always fascinated with the wonders of pokemon and how pokemon and people interact with each other. "I see the pokemart up ahead!" Before Karzar gets to the pokemoart, he quickly stops and notices something wierd. He sees a moving object that's somehow invisible, with only water-ripple like effects ressembling the shape of the pokemon that were noticeable. "Woah! Gotta take a picture of this!" Karzar quickly takes out his digital camera anf takes a quickly photo of the invisible pokemon. Just as the picture was taken, the pokemon quickly flies away. "Was that what I think it was? Well, atleast a got a picture of it." Still with a puzzled look on his face, Karzar continues on to Gourtkey to reach the pokemart. After the walk to Gourtkey, Karzar can already see the pokemart up ahead. "Found it." Karzar said as he walks towards to the pokemart. Just before entering the pokemart, Karzar sits down on a bench and thinks about some stuff. "(What the heck was that, a legendary pokemon. Must be. I'll have to find an archeologist, they know.......I hope.)" With a big sigh, Karzar lays his head back and says to himself, "I have funny feeling that something wierd is gonna happen."[/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR="DarkGreen"]"Ah! Finally here!" Karzar said as he stood in front of the school's front door. "Alright Dratini, come on out!" Karzar shouted as he takes a pokeball from his and throws it into the air. A red light glow as the pokeball opens to let out Dratini. "You've been in that pokeball all day, but I think it's time to get some fresh air. What do you think?" The Dratini nodded with gratitude as he follows Karzar into the academy. As Karzar heads to the office to get a sheet saying what dorm he's in, he tells Dratini, "Just wait Dratini, you'll become a Dragonair before you know it. Like my father said, I am the next generation of dragon pokemon trainers." As Karzar walks into the office, he sees a lady sitting on her desk with a laptop, doing some paper work and asks. "Excuse me, but I didn't a paper saying where my dorm was for this year. I was hoping you would have an extra that would tell me where my dorm is." "Why yes, I do!" The lady said as she turns around and gets a paper from a filing cabinet."This should have the info you need." "Thanks!" Said Karzar with a smile on his face. As he leaves the office, he tells Dratini, "Be careful though, the trainers from last year are gonna be tougher this year." After the statement, he begins to think about the trainers like Aryanna and Sean. After he gets out of the building, he walks around the campus, looking his dorm building. "Hmmm.......Bingo! I've found it!" Karzar saids with relief as he walks towards the building. Just he gets to the building, he tells Dratini. "Well buddy, we're here!" He then opens the door and walks into the building. Just as he walks down the hallway, he sees to people talking to each other. "Those guys look familiar." Karzar said as he takes off his sunglasses and takes a better glance at the two trainers. "Oh yeah! It's Aryanna and Sean. Might as well say hi to them." As Karzar walks towards the two trainers he says, "Hi Aryanna! Hi Sean! How's it going? Funny thing was I was just thinking about you two a while ago." As Karzar gives them a smile, Dratini jumps up and down with happiness. "Oh! And Dratini says hi!"[/COLOR]
  5. Username- Crazy Kev Name- Karzar Jax Age- 15 Gender- Male Region- Kanto Bio- Karzar came from a long line of dragon pokemon trainers. His family tradition is that every first born child has a Dratini as their starter pokemon once they reached the age of ten. After Karzar trained his Dratini with his father's Dragonite for a year, he was then sent to the academy. There he would gain more knowledge on dragon type pokemon and show the true power of a dragon type to all of his classmates. Well, at least once he gets his Dratini into a Dragonair and then into a Dragonite. Description- Karzar stands about 5'10, with brown spikey hair and forest green eyes, though he wears sunglasses most of the time. He also wears a black zippy hoodie with a black sleeveless shirt under it. On the back of the hoodie is a symbol that that resembles a dragon, which is the family's insignia. He also wears cargo camouflage pants. Pokemon- Dratini (Ice Beam, Slam, Thunder Wave, Dragon Breath) Tokens- 100
  6. Food addcition huh?........Pie is definately that best answer for me. Why? Because one, I'll have a huge craving for pie whenever I smell it or see it. I like pies of all kinds, so it doesn't matter what kind of pie I see or smell! And it's been going on for a very, very, very long time! :-) And also because I'm the Pie Overlord!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!
  7. OOC: Ok, I'm gonna gone for like a week and a half so could someone please take control of my character while I'm gone. I'll let you know when I come back. I don't care who controls my character, just don't make him do any stupid or ironic stuff, ok? Just letting you all know! :-)
  8. After Gosa arrived, Keasora then stood up from sitting down on a tree trunk. The training field was pretty much open grass fields, with a small forest to the east, and some shrubs and bushes scattered. "Perfect, you're all here!" Keasora said as he readjusts his sunglasses. "What do you want us to do?" Asked Yuki. "I was just about to get to that." Keasora replied to Yuki. "What I plan on today is a test that I've planned out for just two genin. It'll be a one-on-one match against each other. But the rules are that you must use ninjitsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. That way I can see what your srtong points and weak points are. Second rule, this isn't a winner's match, you'll be fighting until the timer goes off. So pretty much it's an endurance match. Third rule, no killing your opponent. There maybe times when I'll have to come in and stop the match under certain conditions. But you must attack your opponent with the intention of killing them. So put all you got into this match. The reason why I'm giving you both this test is because I want to see what you specialize in and what we could work on. This helps me see if you have any trouble in any area of fighting such as ninjutsu, taijutsu, or genjutsu. Got it?" "YES!" Yelled both Gosa and Yuki as they face each other. "You may start....NOW!" Keasora yells as he puts on the timer. "You'll fight until three in the afternoon." As Keasora sits back down, he readjusts his sunglasses and says to himself. "This match should be interesting."
  9. OOC: I plan on making another character, just to let you all know. I'm not certain about it yet, but I'll see what I can do. :-) "Very interesting." Said Keasora as he eats his ramen. After he eats the remaining noodles in his bowl, he places his bowl aside and begins to introduce himself. "As for me, I am Keasora Seiyaru. My hobbies are reading, collecting knives, training, traveling to exotic places, all that neat stuff." As Keasora readjusts his sunglasses, Gosa then took a quick glance at him. "[FONT=Impact]This probably has alot more that this guy has to tell about himself[/FONT]." Gosa thought to himself as a asks Keasora, "Hey, what exactly are we gonna do for our training?" "I'm very glad you asked that." Said Keasora as he gives the money to the shop keeper to pay for the ramen. "The answer for that question will come to you once you meet me at the 14th Battle Field about.......Now!" Keasora replied as he teleports to the battle field, leaving Gosa and Yuki at the ramen shop. "At least he didn't leave us to pay for the bill!" Gosa said as he and Yuki laughed together.
  10. As Keasora looks at the few remaining genin, he then glanced at the ones named Yuki and Gosa and said to himself, "I seen their skills before. I believe they'd be excellent students for me!" Afterwards, he then teleported behind Yuki and Gosa without them noticing and placed his hand on both of their shoulders . After both of their surprised reactions, Keasora quickly commented, "Is that anyway to look at your jounin instructor?" As their eyes widen a bit, Gosa and Yuki then got a happy look on their face and was glad that she was finally picked. "I see that both of you are happy to be picked after a while's worth of waiting." Keasora said as he readjusts his sunglasses. Afterwards he then told both Gosa and Yuki to meet him at the Ramen shop, which they did 10 minutes later. "Ah! I see you made it here quickly. Let's introduce ourselves while we have ramen, my treat!" Keasora said as he turns to the chef and asks him to order him and his students a bowl of ramen. After receiving the ramen, Keasora then asked, "Today's just gonna be about introducing ourselves, getting to know each other. So, please, you two can go first."
  11. Oh! Wasn't paying attention to that, sorry! I'll change it right away.
  12. Name: Karzar Xade Age: 25 Gender: Male Side: Elite 4 Likes: Ladies, art, dragons, his pokemon Dislikes: Team Rocket, annoying people, rambling idiots, Personality Quirks: Very observative bothduring and not during a battle. Always makes Sarcastic remarks to any unpleasent comments made. Karzar is usually quiet, but can get talkative if you get him to the right subject. Appearance: Stands around 5'10 to 5'11 with some muscle build. Has greenish/bluish eyes with short brown spikey hair. Wears blue jeans with a chain wallet attached to it, a black zippey hoodie with a sleeveless black shirt under it, and a necklace that has a dragon emblem attached to it. Pokemon Team: Dragonite (Skyro): lvl 60 Charizard (Inferno):lvl 58 Salamence : lvl 56 Aggron: lvl 57 Flygon: lvl 56 Aerodactyl:Lvl 58 Biography: At the age of ten, Karzar's been always interested with dragon pokemon. By the age of 11, he began his pokemon journey with his first pokemon, Charmander. Later on, he decided to be a dragon pokemon trainer. So he first started off by capturing a dratini, which later on eveolved into Dragonair, and then into his strongest pokemon, dragonite. By the age of 20, he was asked to become one of the elite four, so he said yes. By then, he's known as the Lord of Dragons for his knowledge and excellency on dragon pokemon.
  13. After Keasora woke up, having an eagered look on his to see who the new genin are, his facial expression quickly changed after looking at the clock. He realized that he over slept and began to be in a constant hurry to get ready for the exams. "Damn! I overslept, again!" Said Keasora as he grabs his sleeveless hoodie and camo pants from his closet. After he gets dressed, he quickly runs downstairs and grabs his sunglasses fomr the table and grabs an apple to eat as he runs out to the door. After ten to fifteen minutes of insane sprinting, Keasora has finnaly reached the Academy. After Keasora has made his appearence, Snickerfox turns his head back and says, "So you're late, like last!" "Shut up already. I just overlsept, that's all." Replied Keasora as he takes a glance at the genin taking the written test. "I see they're still doing the written test, well, at least some of them. I already tell that most of them are done." "Very observent, as always. I could see why people call you the Hidden Leaf's "Silent Eagle"." Snickerfox commented on Keasora's last sentence with a snicker. "At least he wasn't late the genin selection after the exams." Said Tsubasa as she turns to Keasora. "Thank god that didn't happened!" Replied Keasora as he readjusts his sunglasses. "So, how many do you think will pass the exams. Three quarters, one half, less than one half. I'm just taking random guesses. How about you two? What are your thoughts about the exams this year?"
  14. Let's hope those problems won't happen again like last time because I was really getting into the rpg.....Well, gotta try again sometime. :-) I'll just use my character from before, just to make things easier. Name: Keasora Seiyaru Age: 20 Gender: Male Rank: Jounin Village of Origin: Hidden Leaf Appearance: Keasora stands about 5'10 or 5'11, around there. He has short dark brown spikey hair, along with forest green eyes, even though he wears sunglasses most of the time. He wears a black sleeveless hoodie with his clan emblem, which is a symbol in the shape of a moon. He also wears a necklace that has a snake shaped emblem. Also wears camoflauge (did I spelled it right, if not, tell me so I can correct it) Likes: Spicey foods, music, art, girls, books, getting stronger, practice fighting techniques, making new friends, meeting new people Dislikes: Rambling idiots, annoying people, cheese, tomatoes Personality Quirks: Very quite, though he has a sarcastic side. Keasora tends to be very observent when fighting and not fighting, which gives a major advantage when fighting. He can be a ladies man at times, but that would usually happen if he's in a good mood or just excited. He's very nice meet and also is very friendly too. Loves to make sarcastic remarks to anyone who makes unpleasent comments about something. Special Jutsu: Dark Chidori- A technique that's similar to the normal chidori, but requires more power and is several times more powerful. It has a purplish/bluish glow to it. It does severals times more damage, but can cause so much strain to the muscles that they could be permanently paralyzed if he uses it too much. Shadow Dragon Flare jutsu- Keasora breathes out a blackish/purplish fire in the shape of a dragon. Summoning Jutsu: Shadow Fang, the Black Wolf- Keasora summons a black wolf named Shadow Fang, usually used to help track down enemy because of his good sense of smell. Special Weapon: Shark Teeth- a pair of knives that have ridged edges on the blade. Bio: Not many people know about Keasora or his past. Keasora is one of the most strategic jounins in the village hidden in the leaves. It has saved countless ninjas so many times during dangerous missions. Many people have known him as the "Silent Eagle" because of the fact that he's quite most of the time an he has the eyes of an eagle. His parents were killed in a war so he moved in with his uncle, which is where he got his 2 knives or the Shark Teeth. Many new challenges awaite him for this dawn of time.
  15. After Shinaru and Yuki went to the hsopital to visit Gosa, Keasora walks back to his house to do some quick cleaning before training his two genin. As he cleans and dusts through his living room, he quickly glances at a pair of knives that have ridged edges on the blade hung up on the wall. "[FONT=Impact]I haven't used those knives since the war a few years ago, but still. I have a strong feeling that I'll end up using those again[/FONT]" Keasora thought to himself as he finishes the rest of the cleaning, he walks back outside and jumps on the roof on some random building. As he glances around, he sees Yuki and Shinaru walking back to their homes. "Hmmmm....I'll send them a quick note to both of them about today's training." He said to himself as he writes two quick notes and attaches each one to a kunai. With precise aiming, Keasora throws both kunai knive to a window each house has open. After Shinaru enters the kitchen and grabs a quick bite to eat, the kunai Keasora threw land diagonally on his table, surprising Shinaru as he first thought it was a paper bomb until he grabbed the kunai. After Shinaru grabbed the kunai, he took of the piece of paper attached to it and read it[FONT=Georgia]."Hello my fellow genin. Don't forget that today's training begins at 12:00 sharp at BattleField 25, the field that just 5 or so blocks away from the Academy. So don't be late or else!"[/FONT] After Shinaru left his house, he meet up with Yuki and walked together at the training site Keasora told them to meet them at. Momnents later after they reached the training site, which as an area that was mainly opened grass field, along with a small forest to the east and some bushes in various parts of the area. After taking a quick glance of the area, Both Shinaru and Yuki saw Keasora sitting on a branch of a tree, reading a book as he sits there. "Ah! I see that you both came just in time." Keasora says as he jumps off the tree, landing on his feet. "You freaked me out! I thought you threw a paper bomb in my house or something." Complained Shinaru. "Same with me!" Yuki added to Shinaru's statement. "Sorry to surprise you like that, but I guess I wasn't thinking about that. But anyway, about your training for today. This is a test pretty similar to the one at the academy, but I'm gonna be alot more pickier about it." Keasora said as he readjusts his sunglasses "Today, you two will face against each other. But there are some rules that you must follow. First, you must use ninjitsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu, so that I can see what you're more efficicient and non-efficient with. Second, you are allowed to use any weapons you have, including paper bombs. Third, no killing your opponent. This is just a test to see how skilled you are in ninjitsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu when facing someone in combat. The reason why I'm giving you this test is to see what your strong points and weak points are. That way, we can work on areas that you need work on to benefit our team better. This match is timed, so it'll end until 3:00. There's no winner or loser, just fight until the timer rings got it?" "Got it!" Said Shinaru and Yuki as they both face each other on the open field. "But, how do we know if we pass or fail?" Asked Yuki. "That's something that you'll have to find out after the timer rings. Just remember that you have to use ninjitsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. And there's no killing your opponent. But under certain circumstances is when I'll cancel the match." Replied Keasora as he sits down by a nearby tree. "Oh! And make sure you make this match an interesting one!" As the two face each other, Shinaru tells Yuki, "Give me all you got!" "Already planning on that!" Replied Yuki. "I can already tell this will be very interesting to watch." Keasora said to himself as he takes out a book to read.
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