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    Hi Im Metalcore, I live in a small little town that no ones ever heard of where they are all judgmental. It's hard to live around here and I know without my friends it wouldn't be possible. I also play guitar in a band with my friends
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    I'm a part time horse farmer, and a full time musician.
  1. Metalcore501

    What is your opinion on emo people?

    Eh.. Emo kids tick me off, it seems to me like this whole thing came about from kids that didn't want to be labeled by their peers as a goth. There are alot of similarities between the two. Both were started by genres of music, and seem to take on ideologies of their oun. Then suck in the people that are unhappy and feel like their life is nothing but misary, gee sounds like a cult lol. I wear alot of black, and black make up, so I call myself a goth, I get alot of steryotipical bull now and again but I deal. Back when I was younger I had alot of depression problem, thats how I got into that look. I love the style, but I gotta say you get really hot in the summer. anyway not about goths, emos. I hate it when people ask me if im emo, and when the other emo kids ask me if im trying to be emo. I laugh and tell them to back up or ill cut them with my razorblade, I really can't stand the trend. But you think, hey, I'm the same way but in a different trend. Most of them are just social clicks which spread them through the school. In my school the preppy kids listen to alot of rap and hip hop, then they seem to mix up the emo's with the metal heads which seem to listen to alot of rock music. (I get thrown in with them, I think it's all the black) Seems like alot of people in highschool follow the crouds and the crouds are always centered around music. I think lives would be easier if people just accepted each other for who they are but alas they don't. I don't even accept others, I think it's because we don't feel confortable around others not like how we as in our personal self is.
  2. Metalcore501

    Gaming Left 4 Dead

    Thats a great idea by the designers, but I still dont like it. I guesws its just because im so used to playing games with in depth stories.
  3. Metalcore501

    Gaming Left 4 Dead

    I bought the game played all the single player maps and loved them, I've gotta get xbox live now lol. But I had one downfall, there seems to be NO storyline to the games at all. I'm a gamer that likes storylines, other then that the game is by far one of the best zombie survival games I've ever played.
  4. Metalcore501

    Gaming Scariest Video Game you ever played

    [quote name='Neko'][SIZE="1"]'bout $35. I'd say it was well spent, even though I don't play the thing. Gave me a healthy respect for people that keep the lights on when they sleep :catgirl:.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] now thats funny, but yes I have slept with the lights on before:animeswea I havn't played fatal frame 11 or any of them now I think I have to, what consols are they on? Recently I got Left 4 Dead and was blown away. I wouldn't say scary as much as jumpy it'll make your heart race, so its more suspensful and climactic pretty much 99.9% of the time. Thats just me a guy who has almost all survival horror games on my shelf, so I'm very used to stuff of the genre.
  5. Metalcore501

    Gaming Left 4 Dead

    [quote name='Lrb'][FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]I've been playing this game so much lately that it drove me to create a music video of it. The very fact that I've been playing these same 2 levels over and over on the hardest difficulty has got me pumped for the full game. I don't think I'll ever stop playing it. :animenose [CENTER][YOUTUBE="Left 4 Dead Music Video by Lrb"]Za2yuAfAz00[/YOUTUBE][/CENTER] Click [url=http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/289237.html][b]here[/b][/url] to view on GameTrailers.[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] LOVED THE VIDEO and hey great choice of song too, perfect for zombies lol.
  6. Metalcore501

    Gaming Fallout 3

    Yeah man it sucked! I was like :o you gotta be kidding, ive gotta say though it was a good play. I souldnt have rushed through the main quests...:animecry:
  7. Metalcore501

    Gaming Fallout 3

    I got it and well I dont want to come off as an addict, but ive had it for 5 days and have put down 42 hours of gameplay. The game is absolutly addicting! I've noticed a glitch on the 360, whenever I get into immense combat the game will unexpectedly freeze up. I'm not sure if its the game or my system anyone else have this happen to them?
  8. Metalcore501

    Gaming Left 4 Dead

    O.O wow you know so much.... :animesmil I watched a the E3 presentation on the net a few days ago I was ASTOUNDED!!!! Constant gunfire way different the resident evil. Now Sepiroth can you explain to me how the 1player mode lacks, because I dont play online as of yet.
  9. Metalcore501

    Gaming Xbox 360

    well I don't have devil may cry 4 but my friend has it and I was told it takes up a crap load of memory. Ninga geiden sucked for me, I'de go for assasins creed. And if you liked the halo games you'll like the thrid one, its just a basic repeat of the previous *yawns* it doesnt amuse me, but the fanatics do lol. I'de go for fall out 3 for a FPS, its AMAZING!
  10. Metalcore501

    Gaming Xbox 360

    no problem, I just never really liked the arcade pakage, but if your just a casual gamer then yeah probably get it. And so you know the games in the system suck balls their obviously arcade games. now as far games what are you looking for?
  11. Metalcore501

    Gaming Xbox 360

    The external hardrive gives you obviously more memory for things like games music movies etc. Its a definate must for me at least, I think its better you get it in a pakage then having to spend 170 down the line is all.
  12. Metalcore501

    Bloodsuckers! For real's.

    To me vampires in a sense are real, Ive dated a girl who sucked blood, and ive tried it myself. But as for the old lore of them I dont belive, I walk in the daylight and show up in mirrors if I didnt I wouldn't be able to do my make up lol
  13. Metalcore501

    Gaming Left 4 Dead

    Yeah back on the ps2 they had online for the outbreak files. But I didnt read anything about online play for the game thats sick! I hope this sephiroth guy gets here soon lol.
  14. Metalcore501

    What's your style of clothing?

    [quote name='Europa'][COLOR="Blue"]................................................wow. Do you ever wear bright colors? Like maybe green or orange or sky blue? I really don't understand why people wear baggy jeans. I mean, what if a dog chases you and you trip over your pants? I sometimes wear kinda baggy jeans, I guess. Only army ones. When i was 12 I had an obsession with army clothes. I do have the jeans in which the bottoms are so long that you end up stepping on them, therefore making the ends of them look bad but in a cool way. I love those jeans.:animesmil[/COLOR][/QUOTE] Lol thats how my pants usually are, and I have been chased by a dog and tripped lol XD I dont like bright colors but my jenes that are blue are more of a sky blue I find they go good with black. The chains on my tripps can get a nerve racking as well they make me sound like im an escaped convict, one thing my friends used to say when I arrived at school was "Have a fun get away?". I like army style clothes too, if your talking camo, I wear urban camo you know white and grey once in a while. I remember one day my teacher asked me to come into school in comlete white shed give me 10 bucks. I did and she didnt have the money XD
  15. Metalcore501

    Gaming Left 4 Dead

    I cant wait for this game to come out, ive been reading on it in game informer magazein for a few months. Does anybody else have info on the game?