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  1. I actually have good adivive for people who have asked to dance with a gay/lesbo/taken person. Stalk them. No not like that just follow them around watch them youll see if they have a gf/bf or not. Also you can see who he looks at. Dont dance to much you migt get sweaty pits.....not good....trust me...:animeswea
  2. [quote name='chibi-master']Hehe...I like this pic... That reply should be self-explanatory...[/QUOTE] Chibi can you explain it a little better please . What is it that you dont like about emo people? And how is that pic funny.?! I have questions ....... answer them.:animesigh
  3. I read the dispair thingy in the lounge:animeangr, now I wanna knon wat everyones opinion on emoness is, If you are emo tell me what you think about emo haters. I have emo friends so please dont be to mean with your post or you might affend someone:animedepr... post away now.:animesigh [IMG]http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r115/tpcsecrets/emo.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn110/Landon314/EMO/lawn.jpg[/IMG]
  4. [quote name='chibi-master']According to volume 16 of the manga...(My favorites are Shigure, Aaya, and Hatori in the order I just listed.) 1. Kyo 2. Tohru 3. Yuki 4. Hatori 5. Haru 6. Momiji 7. Kakeru 8. Aaya 9. Kureno 10. Shigure 11. Rin 12. Hanajima 13. Ritsu 14. Kisa 15. Machi 16. Hiro 17. Shishou 18. Akito 19. Arisa 20. Kagura[/QUOTE] Yea, i know but i wanna see who the OB members favorites are.:p
  5. "That's a great idea! I mean, I've never tried that! I was trying to understand by watching paint dry! WOWZA, WHATTA GREAT NOTION!!! [/deadly sarcasm]" chibi-master Come on chibi-master grow up dont be so mean everyone has there own opinion. :smirk:I dont like them but im not gunna kill someones love for them. If animegrl likes them get over it. Wear some pampers and be a big kid now.:animesigh ** i didnt read animegrl's other posts and they to were rude. Im quite sorry for sassing you chibi sorry.**
  6. [quote name='chibi-master']I do not like the Jonas Brothers, and I do not understand why almost every girl does. But at least it's [I]almost[/I] every girl. My sister loves them and her favorite is, whattacoinkidink, Nick. I got so pissed off with her lecturing about how great they are, that I stuck a thumbtack in her Jonas Brothers poster on Nick's forehead. Heh. *evil grin*[/QUOTE] i dont like the jonas bros anymore th@ was when i was lil and stupid . FYI: my fav was joe NOT nick hes vocie is ......going through......."changes":animesigh
  7. [quote name='Lunar'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Omigosh! All of them are awesome. Well, I guess my favorite would be Hatsuharu. He's so cute and I love his split personality!!!!!!![/COLOR] [IMG]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=26774&d=1227486822[/IMG][/QUOTE] I know right! He's hot 2 * naughty giggles*. My friend Sabrina loves him .:catgirl:
  8. Hey everyone I'm HelloKittyLover. I'm new to OB and I'm starting to get the hang of stuff. Well , I always see you guys having awsome banners and....I dont have one....nor do Ino how to get one... anyways I was talking to Lunar and she said that if I needed help with a banner to come here. If theres any talented artists here can u make me a banner please [along with instuctions on how to put it there]. I pretty much like hello kitty [hense the name]. I also like music so if you guys can get me something that would be great. :catgirl: Thankies and Huggles
  9. This is acutally a pretty good story. I think that Jonas' new name should either be Milvill Dansken or Tori Fangert :animeswea stupid names i no but they are wonderful new identity names :smirk:
  10. :animeswea Hi im knda new to the OB as a member bbut a long time reader. Well this is my first thread ever so......,if it sucks im super sorry. I was really bored one night and i reread the Fruits Basket fan book and sticker collection books. As I started reading i wondered who was the most favored character. Yes, I ould of googled it but that would be unreliable info.I wondered who I could ask , then it hit me, who better to ask then the people on the OB? So I would super happy if someone who please reply to my thread *nevous giggle* :animesmil If you will reply to my thread please put the ch
  11. i no how dumb this may seem :animecry:but how do u get a banner? i ♥ sum of the ones u guys have......how do u get the awsomeness plz share ur knowledge its been buggin me:animeangr
  12. :animesweaI do track in the spring and im gunna start fencing in january. Im very good at sports but im way to lazy to do anything. Im good in gym, i like soccer, track, basket ball, and any other stuff our mentally insane gym teacher makes us do.:animesigh
  13. I have no OB family but chibimaster. shes my sister :catgirl: [ I am a big fan of Alamorph and SunfallE]
  14. hey m hellokittylover im new.:catgirl: im in a way obsessed with hello kitty . my fav manga is fruitsbasket i like watching anime. i get really mad when people dont agree with me but whatever:animeangr i l♥ve music [the good stuff anyway]
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