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    ...a girl...who is angry at the world. a girl who hates those that give into stereotypes. i'm not much of a talked but if u pm i'm sure you'll find out more.
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    my job is to do nothing
  1. christian is a lying cheating jerk. i bet i could take him....with....a lot of weapons and a knife or two....or five
  2. yes well....what ever the case...i despise Edge...he hurt shawn!!! :flaming: :mad: the jerk!*kicks edge's butt*
  3. [COLOR=Red]k well this is how i interpret what your attempting to say. you're mad because rather than just being herself to try to win the punk guys heart the girl is trying to be what she's not. would you be less mad if she just stayed herself? i mean i have a jock guy friend who is dating my other friend who's i guess a lil goth girl like me....and he just stayed his...jockish self...anmd he's not a jerk...he's actually nice...i threw a kid over my head the other day.[/COLOR] [QUOTE=Mr. Maul][font=Garamond][color=seagreen]What really kills me are the people who,
  4. meah shawn can take anyone...eugene's cool...it was funny when crystie kissed him
  5. [COLOR=Red]predictable endings.....and happy endings...and the endings of vampyre movies...where the vampyre always dies, and the the hottest guy in the whole movie dies....but i espcially hate happy endings when the hero wins...i hate that...a lot!!!!![/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR=Red]yeah, i didn't order no mercy...smackdown PPVs tend to bore me...i mean i love the WWE...but Raw is my absolute favorite show...it just seems more energized...oh and shawn...lol...anyways can't wait til Raw is on Tonight[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=Red]well....i don't like the rock much anymore. he used to be my absolute favorite.....then...I saw...Shawn....and that did me in...shawn is my absolute favorite wrestler.....i mean seriously. first its shawn, then everybody else. :luv: [/COLOR]
  8. my eyes change with my mood. when i am sad they turn slate. when i am happy theyare bright blue, and when i am tired they're a dark blue, and so on...not sure of all the colors yet...but thats as many as i know...they also turn green when i think in a relaxed sorta mood
  9. haaa..i love shawn...u have shawn icon...and shawn siggy....mmmm yummy
  10. you have never gotten it all more wrong. this thread turly disgusts me. obviously you have no idea what a goth truly is. people like you should indeed be destroyed. Goth has nothing to do with religion. it is all about freedom of expression and being ones own creative self. it involves the appreciation of the fine arts. not all are stanic not all just wear black not all are atheist. you give into the stereo type and that is sickening. i wish you a terribly long life
  11. oh sorry....i didn't know i could edit my posts...i just joined yesterday
  12. heh yeah go WWE can't wait for Raw tonight. i've actually been a fan of WWE for awhile. My parents used to watch it when i was a little child, and i really got into it when i was in middle school. Then i stopped watching it again, and i started again about a year ago, and i've been tottally obssesed with shaw since
  13. i agree with you...though i consider myself to be more of a goth...i've even seen the big hurt in the goth culture...so many teens just give into the stereotypes and just beceom all popish and gross...and they don't even know...what it is all about...they just wake up one morning...decide to get a wardrobe of black...and say they're goth...and i understand with you and punk...because i have punk friends and they all hate it too. now me i have heard some songs from the misfits and i think they're awesome...sometimes..i wish hot topic never opened...and sometimes i do..because its hard for me to
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