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  1. Haha well you both did very good, thank you very much both of you
  2. Nope, use whatever quote you want be creative with what you want, but do make sure it is from a SIlent Hill, and yes i am a cow(boy)
  3. Can someone make me a Silent Hill banner, use what ever image you wish, prefably Silent Hill 2 or 3 thanks : )
  4. Thanks alot, both of you i really acppreciate it
  5. Can someone make a banner with this pic, [url]http://www.my-mistake.net/infinitepics/art/art069.jpg[/url], and with the quote Under our blanket skies. Only if your not busy, mucj appreciated : )
  6. can someone make a banner with this photo [url]http://www.my-mistake.net/infinitepics/art/art130.jpg[/url] and the quote " I dont want to be like the others please" in a somewhat small font but enough to read it thanks a lot
  7. can someone make a banner with this picture [url]http://www.my-mistake.net/infinitepics/art/art130.jpg[/url] and have the quote " I dont want to be like the others please" in somewhat of a small font thanks
  8. if your not busy can you please make a normal sized banner with this image, [url]http://www.my-mistake.net/infinitepics/art/art042.jpg[/url] with the quote "The last rose of summer is gone", and dont put my username on it. And another banner with this image, [url]http://www.my-mistake.net/infinitepics/art/art204.jpg[/url] and with the quote "Pisces Iscariot", and dont put my username on that either thanks a bunch
  9. can someone make a banner with this image [url]http://imagesource.allposters.com/images/GEE/5120.jpg[/url] with the words "Under our blanket skies" thanks :) And if you have some spare time can you make one with this image [url]http://www.my-mistake.net/infinitepics/[/url] with the words "sad peter pan" at the bottem and "The Smashing Pumpkins" at the top. thanks a bunch
  10. Any easter egg from Vice City, cause that game was just loaded with 'em from the shapes of the swimming pools, the rockstar logo in the sky, the images from the lights in windows, the Scarface scenario, the list goes on..... :tasty:
  11. 1.What game gives you the creeps? 2.What game do you think has the most gore? 3.Which game was supposed to be scary but wasnt? [B]For me the answers are: [/B] 1.Fatal Frame 2.Silent Hill series 3.Clock Tower 3 How Bout you?
  12. I hate it when your walking behind a group of people and all of a sudden they stop to talk or do something, and you bump into them and they huff at you for being rude. Or even worse when you try and pass someone on the road, adn they get mad at you for trying and they speed up to prevent you from passing by, and thats illegal too.
  13. .Hack/sign is amy all time favorite because it has great music that fits the mood and its interesting that the characters are in an online game and that there are real people controlling them and how the real people show their personalities through their game characters. Another aspect is that everything is related to anime, like the games, manga, and other more childish and cartoony anime. They all connect to the main mystery of "what is the world?" Also I love Cowboy Bebop. Im a pretty big Jazz fan and when I heard the theme song "Tank!" for the first time, it hooked me in. And its got such an awesome art style and storyline. Its like a noir film. And Finally Ive really been digging Last Exile and R.O.D. The TV lately
  14. If somebody isnt busy, do you mind making me a banner of this photo:[COLOR=DarkOrange] [url]http://images.allposters.com/images/GEE/5120.jpg[/url][/COLOR] and[COLOR=DarkOrange]....[url]http://www.my-mistake.net/infinitepics/band/band156.jpg[/url][/COLOR] with the words "Disarm you with a smile" thanks
  15. Does anybody else think the Halo series is over-hyped. It's a good game but when people go around saying its the best FPS(first person shooter) ever and I ask them why, they just say because it is. To me I think its just Far Cry or Call of Duty in space. But thats just me, what do you think?
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