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    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    And so the "Iron Chef" competition has taken on a new meaning - instead of Chefs made of Iron, they're using people who pilot iron (well, in this case gundanium) men as chefs! (even i'm surprised at how terrible this is)
  2. I have another nomination: [B]Dragon warrior:[/B] For putting up with my near constant questions (when I was working on my game), and because he has that Uber-awesome dancin' black mage banner. - Rock on DW.
  3. Lord Dante

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    OK. here are the winners: In first place: [QUOTE] originally posted by [B]ChibiHorsewoman[/B] Guy That's it young lady! No more joy riding! Washuu Ooh you called me young! [/QUOTE] In at a VERY close second: [QUOTE] originally posted by [B]NinjaGirlSango[/B] Guy: Hey, that giant mutant walrus ate my donut!!!! Washu: But isn't he so CUTE?! *in a baby voice* Who's my little mutant? Guy: But...he has my donut! ...not to mention my other arm![/QUOTE] And just because It deserves a mention: [QUOTE]Originally posted by [B]celestialcharm[/B] Guy: Back in my day, taking over the world was so simple!... Girl thinks: Maybe, just maybe if I act all happy while listening to his boring back-in-the-day rants, I could beat my sister to the inheritance of his will![/QUOTE]
  4. Lord Dante

    Your (average/perfect) Saturday

    [B]Normal saturday:[/B] Up at 6:30 (grenwitch meridian time), shower and get ready for work. off to work at 8. home at 6pm, then I collapse into bed and sleep untill monday. [B]Perfect Saturday:[/B] Sleep untill 9 pm, then get up and sit in front of the computer untill 6 am sunday morning.
  5. Lord Dante

    Gaming Hardest Final Boss

    For me, the most difficult final boss that I've ever come across would be Whizpig from the N64 game "diddy kong racing". I found it impossible to fell him, despite me not being all that good at racing games. I think that whizpig isn't meant to be beaten anyway. I reckon he's just an Easter egg.
  6. Lord Dante

    RPG The Ripper Program

    Dante's head jerked up, suddenly aware that he was being watched. "you ready to continue?" he asked geni. "yes, let us continue" she replied as dante stood, offering her his hand. They continued walking along the road for a time, Untill dante cut to the right, towards a clump of trees. "where is this?" Geni asked, as dante continued walking towards the trees. "we are nearly there now. Just beyond these trees." dante called back. Once through the thin layer of trees, dante stopped to let Geni gaze upon the scene before her. A lush, green feild stretched onward for a short distance, with a single tree planted in the center. The pink blossoms of the tree were gently falling in the wind. "where are we?" geni asked, her eyes tracking the movements of the blossoms. "just outside of london" he replied. "this is A tree that I came across in my travels, from the same place that Tsuruko comes from." "It is a magnificent sight" she said, as they both stared at the tree, swaying in the breeze. (OOC: not one of my best, but just go with it)
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    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    Oh Yeah! I wrote something that was actually funny! Due to technical difficulties this is the best I can muster at this point in time, Have at it!
  8. Lord Dante

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    Sound effect in background: SKLORTCH! Usagi: RUN! we should've just paid the bridge toll!
  9. [B]Solo Tremaine[/B]: When I first came to these boards, very nearly a year ago, Solo was the 'team leader' or something of the Otaku lounge. To date, he was the first ever moderator I ever came across on any board to actually give a damn about the queries of new members. I was concerend that my post quality was not up to scratch with the overall quality of the boards, and instead of getting a reply full of abuse (which, to be frank, I have recieved in spades on other forums for asking questions such as that) I recieved one with a few pointers, and the message that "it's nice to see new members taking an interest in post quality". I was able to learn from him. And this, O nominee council, is why I, Lord Dante, beleive that Solo Tremaine must be made part of the OB nifty FIfty. [B]Dagger[/B]: How it is possible for dagger not to automatically be part of the Nifty Fifty is something that mortals like me will never understand. From what I have seen there is no better person to haveas a moderator, especially on a board such as this. DAgger always seems fair and nobble minded; even when shutting down threads for being completely off-topic or ecxessively "l337ish"(for want of a better term). And this, O nominee council, is why I, Lord Dante, beleive that Dagger must be made part of the OB nifty FIfty. [B]The OB staff[/B]: Quite literally the fairest, most freindly and most competent forum staff team I have ever come across. I don't think anythnig more needs to be said on this, to be perfectly honest. [B]The anime picture caption game[/B]: This is one of those rare threads that tempts me into trying to make myself be funny. NEvertheless I fail miserably, but I must say that it is an enormous laugh to take part in, and an enormous laugh to read the other entries. And this, O nominee council, is why I, Lord Dante, beleive that The anime picture caption game must be made part of the OB nifty FIfty. Question: Can I nominate more people/things at a later date If I realise that I have omitted anything?
  10. Lord Dante

    RPG The Ripper Program

    Dante stood, turning to face the assembled. "me and Geni shall take our leave now. as you have no doubt guessed, my half-incinerated manor isn't going to see to it's own repairs." HE turned once more, to face Eclair. "I tank you for the loan of the clothes. I will have one of my runners deliver them back to you after they have been cleaned." Dante turned, and offered his hand to geni. "there is no need." eclair replied. "they aren't doing anyone any good just sitting in a cupboard. Dante and Geni exited eclair's home. and set off at a walk down the drive. after a while, they came to a fork in the road, Dante's manor was to the left. geni walked towards the left fork, stopping to realise that Dante was ambling down the right fork. "dante! where are you going?" she called after him. he turned. "there is a spot which I must show you. It is beautiful at this time of year." he said. they continued on down the right path for awhile, dante however, paused again. "geni. listen." "what is it, dante?" "listen. I.. uh.. that is to say... ah..." "what?" "nevermind..." they continued down the road in silence (OOC: filler.)
  11. Lord Dante

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    White haired one: I [I]told[/I] you we needed more room to play DDR! Pink haired one: Shut up and play
  12. Lord Dante

    Anime Anime know it all '06

    Why: Only through testing one's knowledge can he improve upon it. Favorite anime(s): I'd have to say Neon genesis evangelion, chobits, and excel saga. in that order. Two or more animes you'd like to see being questioned: Fist of the north star, Puni Puni Poemy, and FF7: last order. This sounds like most excellent fun.
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    Gaming Video Game Picture Caption Game!!! YAY!!!

    Tidus: mmmmm.... [I]pie[/I]
  14. Lord Dante

    RPG The Ripper Program

    As the carriage ploughed slowly onwards, dante took up one of the three blades, slowly unwrapping the white muslin veiling the object. "this is Tsuruko. the first of the three that I came across." he said, holding the sheathed blade up before her eyes. "I came across this in a land Very far from here, past china. It was in a cave, surrounded with a small village in the mountains. The locals told me that the cave was protected by some kind of spirit. I won't go into details here, but When I went inside, I came out two days later, tsuruko in my hand." "I tell you though, there Is something special about Tsuruko, I'll show you." he said as he drew the evil looking, black partially-serrated blade, a single, bloodred ruby, shaped like a drop of blood about the size of a fingernail was placed half an inch above the tsuba. he held the blaid out straight. "look. See how it quivers?" he said, motioning for geni to examine the blade, which was indeed quivering slightly. "it seems that the blade has a thirst for blood, as when it is used in batle, the quivering increases in intensity untill you can hear it humming. Although it is rediculous, boardering on preposterous to suggest that an Inanimate object can thirst for something, through my travels I have come to understand that things in this world may not be what they seem." dante said, eyes focused on the blade. "It certainly is beautiful Dante." Geni remarked. "it looks like we are reaching lady Eclair's now."geni said, glancing out of the window to see that the carriage was pulling into the drive. Jumping down, dante strapped the three swords behind him, onto his belt, and offered his hand to geni. "i promise I will tell you of the others at a later date. Just remember to be on your guard. with all of them"
  15. Lord Dante

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    kaoru: DOn't you [I]ever[/I] say that to me again. Kenshin: WHat's the problem? I only said you had nice melons! you were at a fruit cart! [I]Holding melons!![/I]
  16. stranded with any anime character huh? that's a tough choice, but I think I'd have to go with Ayanami Rei. that way I don't have to apathetically languish and wait for death to claim me as I lay strnded on some desert island alone. As for least wanted character to be stranded with, I'd have to go with Nabeshin. Nabeshin is so amazing that he'd find a way off of the island, which defeats the whole point of being stranded. which would result in a dilemmna of the head-exploding kind.
  17. Lord Dante

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    And so grunty did indeed find that his head was [I]not[/I] harder than the brick wall. a short one from me for a change. happy new year to all
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    RPG The Ripper Program

    Dante turned from the flowerbed and walked off towards the west wing, the acrid smell of his recently burning manor still assailing his nostrils. three hooded figures come into veiw as he draws nearer to the west wing. "may the light of the Magi forever guide us" Dante called aloud, stopping short of the three figures. "in their hand, and of their blade" the three hooded figures replied as one, turning to face him. "no-one has bee harmed, save Milton. we can be thankful for that." the figure on the right said as he removed his hood, revealing himself as faustus. the other two lowered their hoods, revealing themselves as two of dante's other servants, Kain and Magnus. "ok, we all know that this was no accident, and while I have several theories, things need to be done. and so I'm going to need your help." dante said to the three, as he stepped closer to them. "what is it you need done?" Kain asked. "I need one of you to get in tuch with the Dying light, I have a theory that this has someting to do with [I]the cave[/I]. Kain, i need you to find out if anything strange is happening on their end. Magnus, I need you to depart for my castle, tell them to prepare for my arrival, with guest. Faustus will remain with me, and oversee the reconstruction work for the time being.. any objections?" The three men stood silent. "this whole affair is beginning to cause me an amount of concern, we must all be ever-vigilant. now I must go. try not to get yourselves killed" dante turned, and walked away fromhis freinds, back towards geni. Sitting where he had left her, holding his three swords as if they were the most precious things in the world, geni hummed to herself. "what time did you thell the others that we would meet them?" he asked her. "what? oh. this afternoon." she replied, looking up at him as he extended his hand down to help her up" "I will aquuire us a taxicab then, if you'd like i'll fill you in on the story behind those blades you carry if you'd like." Geni nodded silently in agreement as they wandered off towards the road.
  19. Lord Dante

    What'd Santa bring ye?

    I was gifted with [I]A breif history of time[/I], a book written by Professor Stephen Hawking. I got the new version which includes several modern theorems. - this is one of the most interesting books of all time.
  20. Lord Dante

    RPG The Ripper Program

    Dante turned to face Ariana, deliberately avoiding her gaze. "thank you for coming, but if you don't mind I must oversee the damage to my home. PLease leave us to it." He turned away, his soulders slumping. Ariana looked shocked. "w-why of, of course. Call on me if you have need". Ariana turned, and went. Dante took geni's hand, and led her towards the smouldering wreck that was his east wing. "Dante, where are we going?" Geni asked, but got no response. "faustus!" dante called out, scanning the assembled for his butler. "Yes m'lord?" came a voice from behind him. he turned to face the man, dante's features becoming less tense visibly. "there you are, tell me, Did magnus and Kain make it out alive?" "that they did, you need worry not. Kain escaped unharmed, but Magnus has a nasty burn on his right arm." Dante smiled, looking relieved. "Thank the magi that it wasn't too bad. But i'm afraid we may have trouble. This could have something to do with [I]last time[/I]." Faustus's eyes widened as he stepped back in shock. "[I]LAst time[/I]? do you think it could be - " Dante cut across him. "We'll descuss this later, when we are all assembled, but for now could you oversee the damage for me? there are a few things I must retrieve." Dante turned, and walked away, leading Geni with him. "yes, of course m'lord!" faustus called after him. "ANd by the way, your obsidian is fine, there is no damage whatsoever!!" Dante's face cracked into a smile as he led geni towards the east wing.
  21. Lord Dante

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    One on the right (the name escapes me): DId I ever remember to go back and pick up that Oolong tea I ordered in the Bar that time? One on the left (the name escapes me): What time? One on the right: you know, the time I dropped my gun? One on the left: oh, that time. One on the right: Well? One on the left: Well what? One on the right: Did I remember to pick up my oolong tea? One on the left: Oolong tea? One on the right: yeah, The oolong tea I ordered in the bar, Y'know, that time. One on the left: What time? One on the right: DOn't start this again! One on the left: Start what again? One on the right: This! (audiable In the background: You're not vash, I'm vash! audiable In the background: No way! I'm vash. audiable In the background: I'm vash! audiable In the background: I thought He was vash. audiable In the background: No, you got it wrong, I'm vash) there. a long winded one.
  22. Lord Dante

    RPG The Ripper Program

    [COLOR=Red]Dante.[/COLOR] "what? who's there?" Dante [COLOR=Red]Dante.[/COLOR] "ah, I see. That's you isn't it? the one from last time." [COLOR=Red]Your powers of deduction never cease to amaze me.[/COLOR] "what do you want?" [COLOR=Red]To help you.[/COLOR] "that's what you said last time." [COLOR=Red]And what else did I tell you last time?[/COLOR] "that the others were jealous of Geni" [COLOR=Red]Exactly! Why have you not acted on this information that I chose to reveal to you?[/COLOR] "who are you?" [COLOR=Red]It doesn't matter.[/COLOR] What makes you think you know what's going on?" [COLOR=Red]That is not your buisness[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]I am asking you why you have not acted upon the advice i benevolently bestowed upon you.[/COLOR] "I don't know if you are telling the truth. none of them seem to be jealous enough of geni to want to do her harm. Quite the opposite from what I have seen." "[COLOR=Red]You fool! They are trying to lull you into a false sense of security![/COLOR] "they are?"[COLOR=Red]Yes.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]kill them all...[/COLOR] Dante awoke with a start, dreanched in a cold sweat. his eyes, darting wildly around the room rested on the form of geni, huddled against his chest, sleeping contentedly. Placing his hand on her head he recalled the events of the previous night. Dante instead of immediately getting up and fretting, let himself drop back into sleep.
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    Anime Greatest Villain Ever

    In my oppinion, the greatest anime villain of all time would have to be Kagato from Tenchi Muyo OVAs. MOst of the previous posts have been talking about villains that never die, KAgato has them all beat because he is over five thousand years old on his first appearance. Kagato is the owner of a vast starship, named the Soja. YOu see the Soja destroying an Entire fleet of Galaxy Police battleships, this alone is reason enough to be declared up there with the best. Kagato also appears to be able to manifest one of the tenci-energy-beam-saber-thingies, and if you ask me, his is by far the best looking, all green and broadswordy, while at the same time being katana-ish as well. Allow me to also call attention to his badass attire, no villain I've ever seen comes even close to that. He also overcomes the power of Tsunami, and very nearly makes it his own, as he met the only thing that can stop him, the Tenchi/Tenchi combo. there are lots more things to mention that i can't even begin to be bothered to type down as well. oh, and he dies the best as well, returning to nothingness :animesmirk
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    RPG The Ripper Program

    Dante and geni strode out of Whites, and into the night in search of a Taxicab. A light rain began to fall by the time they were inside, and heading in the direction of Dante's manor. "Geni, I had to use my... [I]Ability[/I], in order to get Rufus to the doctor in time. Your father was with me. He knows." Geni looked over at dante, Startled and puzzled. "I don't understand, Is this a problem?" Dante turned his head, looked out the window and sighed. "as I see it, we have two options. David is involved now, we will have to tell him what's going on. About jack, our supposed 'other selves', the extent of what we know of our powers, about the others. Everyting. WE would have to stress to him the importance of what is going on, and hope that he has enough intelligence to keep quiet." "and the other option?" "I kill him." "what? what do you mean, kill him?" "If word gets out about what we are, and what we're doing, we will be hunted down and burned at the stake. The church has a lot of power in this time" THe voice came from dante's mouth, and yet was not entirely dante's voice. The taxicab rolled along in silence. [I]Drip, Drip, Drip....[/I]
  25. Lord Dante

    Gaming Favorite Final Fantasy Summon

    [quote name='ffgrl_Ashe']My favorite summon is that aeon that Kadaj summoned from FFVII:Advent Children.[/quote] I think you're referring to bahamut SIN. anyways, my favorite Summons/Guardian forces/Eidiolons/Aeons are as follows: [B]FFVI:[/B] I'd ahve to say that [spoiler]Terra's father,[/spoiler] Moradin (sp?). A centaur appears in the middle of the screen and shoots non-elemental beams at the enimies. That's gotta rock. [B]FFVII:[/B] This is a difficult one. But i'd have to lay my money with Bahamut ZERO. As Desbreko (I think) said: It's a nuke. From space. Also I think the way that he alligns his wings to collect solar energy in order to power his Hadokenesque beam of destruction was for want of a better term, "really cool". [B]FFVIII:[/B] I'd have to go with tonberry on this one. after many frightening encounters with the little green knife-wielding psychopath monk-shopkeeper things from mars, you fight the king. you beat thwe king, and he joins you. You go to use him, expeckting some kind of Holy-hell kickass attack. only to have him crawl out of a hole, waddle towards an enemy, and poke him with a knife. awesomeness and hilarity meshed into one. [B]FFIX:[/B] I really didn't like the summons on nine, They just didn't click with me the same way the other games did. but If I had to pick, I'd go with ark. It's a mech, 'nuff said. [B]FFX:[/B] This one's a draw between Anima and Yojimbo. Anima was FFX's personification of the twisted and tortured soul of seymour. and as such gains a +1000 awesomeness bonus. Also, the Oblivion attack was out of this world: Beating peole senseless to a rythm, In hell! Yojimbo on the other hand, was the serene and composed epitome of swift and sure death. summon him with grand summon, pay him 1000, nine times out of ten (at least in my case) you'll get Zanmato. Hey presto, instant kill. Even works on dark aeons. well there you have my preferances.