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  1. sorry to spam, but i have a 5 week ban from the internet:( latter and sorry to spam
  2. no, its all very simple:) i could u if you want
  3. Emerald=ALS, then KOTR couple times ruby=mime, KOTR, hp absorb,
  4. hehe, good point, eeryone:) off topic a little, but i have tried this many times(although i will not tell u wat happened) you can get sephiroth on your team before disc one:)
  5. [QUOTE][I]Originally posted by Satoshi Tajiri[/I] My opinion is that the pool that Holy falls into is connected underground to the pool where Aeris goes to rest. I think it's a bottomless pool of the Lifestream, personally... that would explain the Mideel bloke. [/QUOTE] If its the bottom less pool, then how did cloud start walking in it
  6. yeah:cross: but im nealry done with them:
  7. what ya sorry for, this is an interesting thread:)
  8. yeah, hm, my MSN seems the be crap, could you send it over here?
  9. yeah, could you post them here? or do you have MSN or ICQ? or maybe even BT messanger or trillian
  10. yeah sure, (note. i am only doin 3 baners at a time no more til i have finished this lot ok) what ya want on it?
  11. yeah, uh huh, u got it right, but this is meant to be about aeris ressurection:tasty::wigout:
  12. wha, my comp is being rude...anyway yeah sure, i could find a queen one:) anyone else, i just save another 8000!!!!!!!!!1pics of FF etc
  13. Hey, any banners i promised people, could you tel me now please? i had to save 20,000:flaming: different pics for games and forgot who i was making banners for:confused::wigout but i managed to get them all, DBZ, zelda, mainly FF tho, i have others as well, blair witch, aliens:laugh: anything really:) so ask me with the following details:) [list=1] [*]What you want [*]what pics [*]what words [*]other stuff [/list=1] most banners are 450X150 pixels:)
  14. uh, just "link" and maybe "zelda" basicaly what im looking for, and uhhh..hm.cant remember his name, ganondorf?(seems right) im making a banner, and need some pics:)
  15. what im talkin about is that if you cant ressurect aeris, then why would square make her have a level 4 limit break, so if you could ressurect her, then her limit ould make the battle easier [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sephiroth [/i] [B] interesting, considering the fact that aeris is dead long before you battle sephiroth.... [/B][/QUOTE]
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