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  1. I need them to name my new pet and my mind is blank
  2. The demo sucked but the game itself wasnt too bad....pretty stupid but hey...
  3. YAY I love FMA! And sometimes I worry about my sanity because Im the only one in my family who likes and or knows what it is GAK!
  4. It really bugs me when people have no Idea when people have no idea what Im talking about when I say "Do you watch One Piece or Hikaru No Go"and they say..."Oro?!What the hek is that?" Well now we can all talk about our lovly unpopular Anime.
  5. Nobody likes me everybody hates me guess Ill go eat worms... :animesigh
  6. Well if you clicked here thanks. Now I wait *sits down ant twiddles thumbs* :animeswea
  7. Yes 1 God not 10000 like the greeks and romans and egyptians thought.And I agree with my luvly friend:D(mostly not fully)But erm I dont know why Im here :animeswea
  8. Look people.I am a Christian and Im proud of it.Im not saying its the only religion but really in MY religion if you dont believe in God you will rot in Hell.Phoo!I like Heaven much better and hope to see ya'll there :animeswea
  9. [QUOTE]Get some damn tolerence and learn to think, not follow a book [/QUOTE] NYEH!so This is what we is talking about ^_^...wait a sec...*gasp**gets offended*
  10. Hi sepiroth!I made it and have no clue whats going on :animesmil
  11. So how many of you have played this game?Whats your fav part?Um...most annoing part ect.
  12. Yay St.Pattis day stories!!!Well this one kid at my school thought it would be fun to have a 'Wear green or get PANTSED' rule and while my bestestbuddypal was doing chin ups in PE he pantsed her :animestun
  13. I have a ghost in my house, or so me and my friends think.Like once we woke up (at a sleepover) to a boy laughing in the room next door and as I have no sibling or anything...we went in and it stopped.... :animenose
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