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    I read manga, I watch anime. What more do you want?
  1. [QUOTE=Blackjack][color=DarkGreen][font=Trebuchet MS]You can be a geek/nerd without being a gamer, though I don't know whether a gamer can ever avoid being a geek/nerd. I was classed 'nerd' for a while, but I've never been a gamer. I just studied too much for my own good :animeswea Does anyone else know the same distinction between nerd and geek as I do? I heard someone put it this way: the nerd won't go to the party, because he'll be home studying for tomorrow's test. The geek [b]will [/b]go to the party, but will get wedgied by everyone there. [/font][/color][/QUOTE] Is that so? Then why do have high IQ scores yet still manage to never study and make lousy grades.(granted I still somehow pass) Also I have never been given a wedgie. I have given all of my siblings wedgies though. I have talked to people of different stereotypes without many repricussions, except when I get angry, beware though their topics of conversation are very boring. [color=DarkGreen][size=1]Like James said, try to refrain from double posting. The [b]'EDIT' [/b]button is there so you can go back and add other thoughts if you think of something after posting. I've merged your two consecutive posts together. [/size][/color] [right][b][color=DarkGreen][size=1]-Blackjack[/size][/color][/b] [/right]
  2. Gamers? nerds/geeks? Same thing. Can't see a difference.
  3. I can't tell what I am so I guess I just don't like stereotypes.
  4. Marriel

    A fight :(

    [QUOTE=sakurasuka][CENTER][SIZE=1]ROCK ON! (lol) You need to stand up for yourself, and that was the perfect way to do it. If someone attacked me, I certainly would avoid confrontation as much as possible, but I do know how to beat the crap outta someone [I]properly[/I]. Yeah, I took Tang Soo Do for four years ^^ But really, what other choice did you have? Someone comes at you with a weapon, you can't just stand there! You certainly made the right choice.[/SIZE][/CENTER][/QUOTE] Although I highly doubt it wasn't, How do you know it was a weapon? I have to admit that I probably wouldn't wait to see if it was myself, but you still didn't know If it was. I like to be contrary :catgirl:
  5. [quote name='MidoriWaterfall][SIZE=1'] heh cool. and i have a friend that has two friends i know that say they like his house and they take his food. it's kind of funny of listenening of when they talk about it. i'm quite by myself too. but i act weird over the internet sometimes... >.> not a whole lot, but there is a small mood swing[/SIZE][/quote] That sounds like something I do with a friend of mine, except I don't sleep over and It's extremly obvious I don't live there.
  6. Marriel

    A fight :(

    I would have done the same thing only with worse words than that