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  1. killa kid

    Anime Romantic Anime

    I would definatly tell you tell check out Love Hina and it's sequel Love Hina again. A story about love and a promise that was made as a child that ended coming true. lot's of beat downs beautiful anime series
  2. I cried in trigun when [spoiler]wolfwood died[/spoiler] but that was sad so it's understandable i could possibly be a little sensitive
  3. sailormoon and it was one of my first which is kinda sad when you think about it
  4. killa kid

    Anime Poll: Naruto

    A. because it's the best for analizing your opponent
  5. killa kid

    Life or Death?

    i choose to die but after living for a good few years or to choose when i wanna die. because lifes a ***** sometimes.
  6. mine wouldn't tell you very much about me i'd like to see someone try