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    inuyasha is my favorite anime/manga.
  1. bay

    Do as Infinity

    is Do as Infinity in america? their cd atleast. i havent looked yet but ive heard one of their songs as an ending theme to Inu Yasha ( its called Fukai Mori) and i really love it along with The song of Truth which is not an ending theme i think its just on one of inuyashas movies or soundtrack thingies.. well peace! bye! the end is now ! i surrender, the war is over!- Trust Company
  2. bay

    The Used

    [quote name='Harakiri']i like the used.they're ok.but i like my chemical romance more.[/quote] yes i no MCR is a really nice band? have you heard of Taking Back Sunday or Brand New or Rufio? all great bands.
  3. bay

    What is your Favorite adultswim show??

    i love to watch inuyasha so far im only on the 21st episode but i have also watched the newer one on adult swim. i really want to get the movies i dont think that the 3rd one is in america yet . how id die to live in japan get to be in the country that created anime and gets all the new stuff first!!! bye!
  4. bay

    The Used

    have any of you heard of the Used ? really great band. if you havent heard them you really need to. heres their (the Useds atleast) official site to go to if you want to here some of their work. theused.com hope you enjoy ! one of my favorites ok well a couple of my favorites are taste of ink, on my own, and definitely Im a Fake. bye!
  5. would someone please give me a good summary of what happened in the last episode? i havent seen it yet but i really would like to know what happens ! lol . bye!