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  1. yeah thanks for your replys but insulting my spelling is a give away, English just isn't my thing. But that tells me you all are far attached to DBZ than me I've got school and it still doesn't help but Mr. Satan is not my favorite he is just a waste of animation. A bum character! Gohan ssj5
  2. Yo, do any of you know how strong Majin Boo is? Besides does any of the Sayins stand a chance? against them all? Because bobbitiy makes a big deal about how strong Majin really is...... and is very over rated like all the fighters and DBZ like Hercule......extc. Also there hasn't been anything very interesting besides not knowing, how strong the Supreme kai is??????:eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. what this about is it any good so I here but is going to atrack better than FF8 or what FF9 was okay but in need a better story lin I think but it was all good with the new weapons and everything. Send me some more info to my e-mail or inbox here if you want to imform me on this amazing new ride. Thanks all, also hows the combat system too. Gohan ssj5
  4. That is funny you know Its the way it should be!!!! In my opoinion! Gohan ssj5:flaming:
  5. My favirote character is Gohan because we act alot alike and do alot of the same hoppies and he's almost a role model for me since I get a kick out of him being werid and has a very good attiutde towards his friends, that why he is the BOMB!!!!!:cool: Gohan ssj5 give me a buzz if you want to know more about me, or the show but I don't know very much comepared to most out there I haven't seen as much as the others! LATER
  6. [SIZE=3]14[/SIZE] [FONT=arial]bold[/FONT] [COLOR=darkblue]blue[/COLOR] I'm now just getting to some of the enteresting parts and I wish the days would go by faster to see new ones, because the Boo series is suppose to be cool so I here unlike the Cell games:sleep: and I hope it gets better and soon....... Gohan ssj5
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