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  1. Anime

    Well, I was just wondering how many of you have seen it/what you thought of it. I have watched the series... is the movie much different?
  2. Well, Chocolate, stealing anime and manga from my ex, and chopsticks I'm not joking... within the last week, I have bought six new pairs of chopsticks Chocolate makes me happy, and stealing the manga and stuff from my ex makes him mad, and gives me something new and interesting to read/watch... just killing two birds with one stone ^_^ I still haven't quite figured out the chopsticks thing yet...
  3. My last one said: "You will go far in buisness and pleasure" ... in bed? ^_^
  4. I was in the best relationship near the end of last year. I was best friends with this guy, and we both like each other... a LOT. One day he randomly decided that he didn't want to date anymore... completely broke my heart... but there really wasn't a reason. It's a small campus here, so I had to go through the torture of seeing him every day. I tried to act normal, but it was kind of hard. He treated me like dirt for a long time, and then we went home from school this summer. I refused to call him or try to get in touch. When we came back at the beginning of this year, I stayed far away for two and a half weeks. One day, he came up and apologised for the way he had been last year. He said that he had been ignoring me for the first few days of school, and then looked up one day and realized that I wasn't around to ignore. He actually missed me I think... Anyways... we are friends again. He doesn't know how bad it hurts me to talk to him, especially after everything he said/did last year, but I'd rather be his friend than have to ignore him completely. >.< Anyways... that's my drama story for now ^_^
  5. Well, In Escaflowne Folken turns... but he wasn't exactly what I would call a main character... I'm not sure you could say that Kenshin was "evil" and turned to good... he was trying to protect people, and just was going about it the wrong way... Then again, he WAS killing recklessly...