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  1. Chiisu

    Gaming Hardest Final Boss

    Hardest boss fight I've ever fought was probably Abbysion from Tales of Symphonia. That dude just ran up to everyone and did a 4000+ damage combo, so I basically died in 2 minutes.
  2. Chiisu

    Gaming Dance Dance Revolution Series

    [quote name='Revolut1on][COLOR=Blue']I agree, Daikenkai does have some really tricky steps. The easiest way to do well on it is to double step everything. I find the Challenge steps sort of easier, they just make more sense to me. Everytime I play the song I end up facing away from the screen by the time the song's over. Yeah, I also wonder why Sakura is a 10 on Heavy but a 9 on Challenge, I think they should switch it around in future mixes. [/COLOR][/quote] I actually find Daikenkai harder on Challenge just cause of that right, up, down, left, repeat part. I have more trouble on that then I do with the last quarter of Healing Vision -Angelic Mix-. But then again, I can full combo that whole stream at the end of Healing Vision -Angelic Mix- [QUOTE=Mitch]Well, I guess a DDR update is in order. I can get a B on Max 300 Heavy now. I can almost pass MaxX Unlimited Heavy. I can easily pass Sakura on heavy. I've gotten an A before. I passed Paranoia Survivor Heavy with a B. I can pass "Colors" on challenge with an A (god, that song's a *****). I've passed "Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)" on Heavy with a B. I've full-combo'd The Legend of Max Standard. I've AA'd "A" on Heavy. [/QUOTE] Wow... you try PSMO yet?
  3. Chiisu

    Gaming Music-based games

    [SIZE=1]DDR and ITG are awesome, but maybe that's just cause I'm good at it... Meh... Stepmania, Beatmania, and Drummania are pretty fun to. I'm pretty horrible at Guitar games though :animeswea.[/SIZE]