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  1. ~San~

    Gaming GameCube Sucks!!!

    And you point is? You shouldn't just not buy a gamecube because it doesn't have a DVD player.....
  2. ~San~

    Anime Who dont you like on DBZ

    I cant stand Mr.Satan and Vegeta.
  3. ~San~

    RPG The Hangout(Role playing)

    Yeah, if he doesn't pay he will kill her.....I would kill him anyways....
  4. ~San~

    RPG Super Shibby Bros.

    Garnet- Maybe I should go visit my old friends in Gaia...... *flys up and lands in Gaia*
  5. ~San~

    RPG Super Shibby Bros.

    Garnet-*walks around bored at Zeal Kingdom* Theres nothing to do..... *sits by fountain looking into the sky*
  6. ~San~

    Anime gohans custome

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Macaiodh [/i] [B]uhh... i don't think you should use the word "gay" as an insult around here. [/B][/QUOTE] :o I hate being a newbie.....
  7. ~San~

    Anime ...

    Yes DBZ and Pokemon do that a lot. Don't forget about GOku, GOten, and GOhan. Also; ArticUNO, ZapDOS, and MoltRES.
  8. ~San~

    Anime gohans custome

    I thought the whole "Sayaman" thing was really dumb. Once he get rid of the "helmet" and "cape" he'll look cool. :love:
  9. ~San~

    RPG Super Shibby Bros. rpg (sign up)

    Charactor- Princess Garnet(who else?)from FF9 Beginning Weapon- Crystal Sword Magic- Sommuning,White Magic, and Black Magic(can use GFs, Materia, AND sommuning gems) Level- 1 Armor- None(don't need any)
  10. ~San~

    Gaming If I could be a FF character I would be....

    Princess Garnet, she's my all-time favorite character and can sommun.
  11. Sephiroht appears out of nowere.... :p your turn
  12. ~San~

    RPG DragonBall Exile: The Story Begins at the End

    San-*looks up at ceiling and sighs* I don't know why I'm here.....what did I do? *looks around* Guess I better find a way out.... (I'm not very good at this kind of stuff)
  13. ~San~

    RPG The Hangout(Role playing)

    *turns on Princess Mononoke* :love: Ashi-Taka....
  14. ~San~

    RPG DragonBall Exile: The Story Begins at the End

    Is it to late to join? Name- San Speices- Android/Mage/Zeal