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    I have been a anime fan almost all of my life...I can be found on Quizilla (as J-WorlGirl) and on Tofu Records (as L'ArcFangrl 24/7). As you can tell I LOVE J-rock and J-pop as much as I love anime!
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    I don't really have a 'job' but if I help out with things around the house I get paid! >D
  1. BishiLover24/7

    Anime Gundam SEED

    [COLOR=Orange]I honestly think that Kira would be good with Lacus for 2 reasons 1.Because she's still there and 2.I think they look cute together! I personally like another character from GSD who only a few people know about! But on subject...I personally like KiraxLacus,not KiraxFlay! [/COLOR] :bash:
  2. BishiLover24/7

    Anime Death Note TV

    Actually theres going to be 2 live movies of Death Note soon,the one already out ,and a new one comming out soon! :animesmil :animesmil :animesmil I actually own vol.1-4 of Death Note...but from some spoilers I read at another website....I don't think I want #7.....ToT poor [spoiler]L-kun[/spoiler]...... :animecry: [indent][size=1][color=#007520]Hmm... I covered up the ending with a spoiler to make it even less obvious for those who haven't read that far. xP -r2[/color][/size][/indent]
  3. BishiLover24/7

    Anime Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny

    Since I haven't seen ANY threads about this anime I decided to create one! So....how do you like it? What are your thoughts on the series? And....for fellow Bishi lovers....who do you like the most? (or which guys would you want if you had the chance?) I won't tell until I see some fellow fangirls post! :catgirl: (but I'll tell you this....2 of the characters(1 from GS,one from GSD) are voiced by one of my favorite J-pop singers! :love2: ) I love both series! I have been a fan of the giant fighting robots for a LONG time! But I have to say Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny are 2 of the best series I've seen! (well that and I love the music! :animesmil ) I mean there are times you can actually feel what the character feels sometimes! This show is filled with action,romance,rivalries,friendships,and so much more! There's so much you can see in the show!!!!! And sorry if any of the administrators think this might be spam but I looked and there was no GS or GSD threads to be found so I made one!
  4. BishiLover24/7

    Anime Anime Picture Caption Game

    Ok...here's one... Random girl:I told him not to eat curry on a hot day! But would he listen? Nooooooooo! -_-U Yes,stupid I know....
  5. BishiLover24/7

    Anime Death Note TV

    I've seen the fan-subbed versions of the first 2 episodes of the anime on YouTube and I can't stop watching them!!!!! I've also seen part of the first DN movie on there too!!! And just to let you know I was creeped out for 2 days after seeing Light's madman laugh in vol.3 *shudders* :animedepr
  6. BishiLover24/7

    Anime Trinity Blood

    :D I love Trinity Blood!!! I've watched every episode up until now on AS. Actually....in an issue of 'Anime Insider' they said something about the whole Abel/Vash thing.....