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  1. I think that anyone who didnt hate FMA is going to check out the new season. While not the best of all time, it was kind of a perfect storm in anime (I blame Vic for that). East of Eden looks pretty good too, I will probably check that one out also.
  2. In my PS2 I got either MLB 07 The Show or .hack//GU part 1 .hack//GU Part 1 is a good game, short, but good. I really enjoy the fact that the dot hack people went back to what made dot hack enjoyable to me at least. I liked the more, well I would describe it as "intellectual", but I know someone has a better term for it. .hack//SIGN is still probably my favorite anime and .hack//ROOTS is made along those same lines. At least it is to me. Next week however, the new Madden 08 will probably dominate my time. In my PSP, its Star Wars: Deadly Alliance or the first Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai. I really enjoy both of those games. DBZ to reduce stress at work, and while I mostly use my PSP for an MP3 player, I love the little thing.
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