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  1. well even though I'm alittle late to getting the game but that's ok so if anyone wants to race just PM me with you MKW code and let the race begin.....:animesmil
  2. Yes about time now when I move my hands from side-to-side it will really help and make more sense lol :animeswea
  3. [quote name='Treble']Well, I just played against Nabgeta quite a few times on the Mario Circuit stage, and I won the majority of the matches. But the thing is, I?m not even sure if he?s aware that the tournament has already started. Does this count? If not, I could always play against him again some other day.[/QUOTE] no I was not aware of the tournament lol haven't been on my laptop in a good while but if I can check in for the next would be fine
  4. [quote name='MoonlightNexus']I've addressed the use of items over on the OCL World. Thanks for your input, I took a lot of it into consideration. I like the idea of having a low item drop rate during seasons (except for the Hammer, Golden Hammer, and Invincibility Star), with NO items during playoffs. This is still a work-in-progress, and the rules about items could change after awhile. A big thing I want to talk about is stages. I really don't want to use stages where different stage factors can influence the outcome (like the Ultimate Chimera in New Pork City). Two obvious ones to use are Battlefield and Final Destination. What are some of your ideas? Would something like Sonic's stage (where portions can fall apart) be "fair." Or even Pit's stage for that matter. Any scrolling stages are pretty much out, unless a strong arguement is made to include them. Bring on the comments![/QUOTE] well I find the Ultimate Chimera very easy to aviod and I never seen a human player get caught by it either....as for other stages I have no problem with them but, the new Ice climber stage could be taken out because of the fish (it is funny to see people get eaten :o) other than that no real problem with stages
  5. [quote name='MoonlightNexus']Wow, that's pretty in-depth! Thanks for the commentary, I appreciate you taking the time to write all of that. The reason I have been considering adding the Smash Ball is that, while it is an item, I think it's such a [I]different[/I] item than everything else. It gives the player an ultimate attack, which is still a part of a character's unique repertoire. I was thinking about Street Fighter-type games, where special attacks are normal and frequently used. Like you mentioned, Final Smashes can be avoided, so the user has to have a certain amount of skill in pulling them off. Some assist trophies will keep attacking you, so you're pretty much certain to get seriously damaged or KO'd. Also, items like the baseball bat are one-hit KO's, which is totally unfair. I thought this uncertainty involved with Final Smashes made them more "fair play" than other items. Another thing I was balancing was how much Final Smashes could turn the tide of a match. On one hand, they could make a match more competitive by evening-out the stock count, but on the other hand this could seem as an unfair advantage. Someone who is clearly dominating the match shouldn't suffer because of a Final Smash. Thanks to the responses in this thread, I'm strongly leaning to not include the Smash Ball in official League matches. All things considered, they do seem to provide an unfair advantage, and while they do require some skill to use, it's not as much skill as just fighting would take. Besides, matches can be just as exciting without Final Smashes![/QUOTE] well then it's agreed that items and smash balls will not be used in tournament play but maybe we can use them in seasons just have the item drop very low
  6. [quote name='MoonlightNexus']That's a very good point. Some can be one-hit KO's, while others (like Jigglypuff and Peach) don't provide much of an advantage, and even others (like Sonic) can KO the person using it. And yeah, my brother was playing as Lucario (who gets stronger as he gets more damage), and he ended up getting the Smash Ball 9 times out of 10. Thanks for mentioning this, it's exactly the kind of thing that needs discussion.[/QUOTE] ok with the ruleing out of smash balls what about other items that can be one sided like assist trophies and poke'balls that can decide a match depending on who you get example if it's 1-1 and someone gets Lyn the other person is basically dead
  7. I'll join in on this thing character: R.O.B. friend code: 5327-0560-5457 level: 3 bring it!
  8. [quote name='Desbreko'][color=#4B0082]Brawl is mine. Marth is unlocked. I'm ready to rock. My friend code is 1504-5385-2566. Add me and post up your codes, either in here or the Arcade Online thread, guys.[/color][/QUOTE] well then I'll add you so we caj fight my code is 5327-0560-5457
  9. [quote name='MoonlightNexus']When I think about competitive gaming, I tend to think of people using their own skills, not relying on foreign objects to be the best (excluding games like Halo). This said, I initially wanted to set up official League matches to use no items whatsoever. However, the new Smash Ball adds a very unique element to the game, and I think it would be exciting to let players use it. So what's your take? Yes or no for the Smash Ball? Or are you in the camp of letting all items stay in? Comment here or on the OCL World. -Matt P.S. I'll try to put up a list of participants on the World soon (probably tomorrow), so check in![/QUOTE] well I think the smash ball should stay being it's the only way you can do utimment moves and also requires skill to get one with every one fighting for it as for other items mabe no because items like bombs,assist trophies,poke'balls make or brake a fight but th esccocer ball,hothead,pitfall do not
  10. we it's official I own my own copy of brawl and so let me go ahead and put my brawl friend code 5327-0560-5457 if you want to fight me post you code
  11. [quote name='MoonlightNexus']By different things, do you mean along the lines of different match types/stipulations?[/QUOTE] I'm not sure that it's a big difference other than some attacks that some people do other than that no real change in how that game is played:animesmil
  12. hey I'm new to the boards but you might have seen me on MyO or TheO and if you haven't then let me introduce my self....I like anime/computers/food/manga/video games/and movies....well other than that I'm a normal random guy and I mostly like comedy's and action or something with blood and gore so a good move with blood gore and explosions >.
  13. Why is bacon made with just about everything? I think it's slowly taking over the food world and will have it's own ice cream one day and be served on French toast....mmmm:o
  14. Well I think we should post are SSBB codes as soon as we get the game that way we can start to get this league more off the ground and to start kicking each others butt at the same time :smirk:
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