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  1. Gaming

    Does That Pikachu Is Really Cute? I Think Not THE Togepi Is Really CUte Than PKachu Don't You Think So...... [COLOR=orangered]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/COLOR] [COLOR=deeppink]If You Wanna Be My Friend Just PM Me![/COLOR] [COLOR=orangered] My Friend : [/COLOR] [COLOR=sienna]Lady Katana[/COLOR]
  2. Gaming

    Sure I Gald To Help. To Find That Red Ring Go To The Stump In Front Of Talon & Malon HOuse And Change It To Summer.Then,Go To The Root Dungeon(LV 1 Dungeon)You Will Find The Dry Places And See That Staircase And THen Go in.You will Find That Old Man And Accept It Challenge. The First Golden Beast Is A Soldier In The west Of Hero Cave In Spring. The Second Beast Is an Octorock In The Spool Swamp In Summer in The EastSouth.( If it Does't Out Try another Season) The Third Is An Moblin In The Entrance Of Lv 2 Snake Remains In Fall..( If it Does't Out Try another Season) The Fourth is An Wolf In The acient ruins In Winter.(Where There Are Three Hard Mushroom And Two Soldier Red And Have A stairCase at There(when You Go In To The stircase There Are Deku Scrub There Was Attck You) i Hope This Help. [COLOR=red]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/COLOR] [COLOR=crimson] If You Wanna Be My Freind Just PM Me!![/COLOR] [COLOR=sandybrown]My Freind : [/COLOR] [COLOR=sienna]Lady Katana[/COLOR]
  3. Gaming

    Does That Twinorva Is Realy My Enemy?
  4. Gaming

    [COLOR=orangered]Hello There,Who's That Twinorva,In I was playing that Oracle of age or season ,That Twinorva Say That Flame Of....????[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Whos That Twinorva, It Is A Witch,if It The Witch Just Fight That Maple Or His Granma!! Ist,n It![/COLOR]
  5. Gaming

    [COLOR=darkblue]Hey!!! , Does That Red Gyarados is Beautiful And Stronger Than Blue Gyarados?[/COLOR]
  6. Gaming

    Looking at your map you should see that there are very few places you haven't been. The most conspicuous of these is the large grey block of unexplored terrain next to the Goron Mountains. Maybe you'll fnd something there... Head to the Scent Tree in North Horon, then go down, left, up and through the log door. This should place you next to the switch that extends the bridge in Natzu Prairie. Head left from here, then up, and enter the tree door thingie. TEMPLE REMAINS -------------- This area, as well as having reasonably funky music, is the remains of the Temple of Seasons. There is a Soft Soil patch hidden on this first screen with the two Darknights if anyone is interested. Head up a screen, slashing repeatedly at the Ball-and-Chain Trooper to kill him, then leap over the pits to the right. Head up and right through the tektite-infested ruins. Stand on the stump and change the seasons to Autumn. Then head left twice and up, over the pits which have been filled in with leaves. Then head down to the second stump and turn the season back to Winter. Head up, over the pits, and use the snowdrift to head down. Step in the Subrosian Vortex. SUBROSIAN VOLCANOES ------------------- Ow its hot here, but fortunately Link's tunic seems to be more than able to keep out the heat of active volcanoes. He's obviously upgraded it since his first outing as Hero of Time (see Ocarina of Time if you have no idea what I'm waffling about). Head up the steps and into the cave, where you find a blue-clad Subrosian chucking stuff into a small pool of lava. You'll notice that he chucks in stuff that you can collect throughout the game: iron-shaped ore, shields, swords, fish, plus other stuff. The most perplexing item I saw him chuck in, however, was a BLUE BOXING GLOVE. Has anyone found a blue boxing glove in their game? If so, what does it do? Anyway, chuck a bomb into the pool of lava and you'll set the volcanoes flaring. This will kinda destroy the Temple Remains even more, but it will allow you to continue on with your quest... Head out the cave and back through the Vortex. LAVA-FILLED TEMPLE REMAINS -------------------------- Head up a screen and bomb the wall for an easy Piece of Heart, then head out, right, and down to the stump. Turn the season to Summer and head right, either avoiding the Lyonells (if you still have the Wooden Sword) or chop them to bits (if you have the Noble Sword) and climb the vines. Jump over the lava and head left, then up into the doorway. Use the Magnetic Gloves to work your way over the pits, then head up the stairs. Unusually, there are no Grass Hoarders hiding around. Up the stairs, push the right boulder down, the top left boulder left, and the bottom-left boulder down, then cross the catwalk. Push the bottom boulder you see next up, then head round to the left and push the top boulder right. head up the steps. The screen you emerge on has two lyonells on it. Either kill or avoid them and head left, going down the next set of steps. Avoid the Grass Hoarder (knew there had to be one hiding somewhere) and make your way up to the steps by taking the top route round the pits. Go up the steps and carry on left. You'll find a little tower with two fairies in it (useful if the Lyonells kicked your butt), and a Vortex. Step into it. SUBROSIAN VOLCANOES 2 --------------------- Back in scorching Subrosia, head up two screens to face the final proper dungeon in the game and collect the eighth Essence of Nature. Welcome to Dungeon 8 - The Sword and Shield Maze. Incidently, before you enter you may want to spend a couple of seconds playing with the dungeon's eyes, which follow you. The appeal of this quickly wears off, but I thought I'd mention it!
  7. Gaming

    Hello There I was Finished The Game OF Oracle Of Age(Not LInked)And I Defeat Veran! In This Case,Because I Not Play That Game Linked Cable How I Must Find That Princess Zelda And That Bad Twinorva! Have You all Can Help Me!!!!
  8. Gaming

    [COLOR=royalblue]Yea I think it cool to, especialy That Eevee Envolve 5 Times![/COLOR] [COLOR=firebrick]That Realy Close Because In yellow,green,or red Does't Have IT![/COLOR] [COLOR=orangered]ThIs Just a Five Combanition Of Eevee![/COLOR] [COLOR=red]1.FlareEon[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkblue]2.Vaporeon[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]3.Jolteon[/COLOR] [COLOR=deeppink]4.Umbreon[/COLOR] [COLOR=firebrick]and 5. Espeon[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]I Think They Are Cool Pokemon ![/COLOR]
  9. Gaming

    [COLOR=deeppink]Thanks Kuja! Now I got THat Iron Sheild, Now How I must Found That Master Sword And Mirror Sheild In Oracle Of Ages Not A game Link Cable![/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]Please Tell Me!\[/COLOR]
  10. Gaming

    [COLOR=blue]Thank's Kuja For Helping Me, I was Defeat The Level 6 Dungeon Mermaid Cave,And I was To Find That Iron Sheild.[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]how I can Find That Iron Sheild!!![/COLOR]
  11. Gaming

    [COLOR=royalblue]Thanl's For Helping Me Kuja! Now I got That Mermaid Key & Old MErmaid Key,I can Go Through To The Mermaid Dungeon.BUt Some Walkthrough Tell The Boms Upgrade,BUt I too CAnnot TO Find IT[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]Just Can Anyone Can Tell Me How To Ugrade That Bombs......[/COLOR]
  12. Gaming

    [COLOR=crimson]Hai!Iwas Defet The Level Five Dungeon and I got THe Sacred Soil,And Now THe Maku Three Say Her Dream The Six Essence Was At THe Rolling Ridge.[/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue]I need Three Problem![/COLOR] [COLOR=chocolate]1.Please Tell Me HOw To FInd THat Mermaid Key To Entered His Dungeon.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]2.I was To Fix MY BroKen Sword That I got FRom THe Old Zora,And I go To Taku's Peaks And I was GIve That Broken Swords TO Fix IT.When i go to the his cremony,I was push that beast with my sword(Wooden Sword Lv 1)But IT still appeard .How I can Knock OUt THat Beast so It Cannot Come Out Again.....[/COLOR] [COLOR=sienna]3. I was getting dance at the Goron Dancing Hall Because I want t get that card that Leader Dancing.but it to hard To Do It How I can Get THat Card FOr Easily.....[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Thats All Everybody Now I need This Game Finished Before I Finished That Zelda Oricana Of Time.....[/COLOR]
  13. Gaming

    [COLOR=purple]I need Help Back!,I was In the Room If In the Level 4 Skull Dungeon.I beat the Mini Bos That Wear A sheild And Sword.[/COLOR] [COLOR=purple]And I was in the room that Have A Eight Knight And It center has the Diamond Shape.Tell me it secret please help me.[/COLOR]
  14. Gaming

    [COLOR=red]Hello,I was Go to the monster before the boss.It monster like a drill when it comes up in the place that i situated.[/COLOR] (at the Level 3 Moontlit Goto.Of Oracle Of Age) [COLOR=red]How Must I defeat IT?[/COLOR] [COLOR=teal]Tell Me Everyone[/COLOR]
  15. Gaming

    [COLOR=red]Thanks For HElp Me Jcgoudy,Now I got the bell and i got to go to the Gyaverad. [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]I go to the seven dungeon and igot that compass,small key,and roc'scape and boss key but now i can not go find that dungeon map tell me how to got that dungeon map and defat the dungeon boss![/COLOR] [COLOR=sienna]Please Help Me Jcgoudy Or Others![/COLOR]