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  1. [color=green][size=1]I don't even know his name but Heidi Montel's (or whatever) husband/boyfirend/whatever they are. I think his name starts with an "S" but I don't understand why they get so much exposure when all they're doing is being idiots. No talent, no nothing. Just a bunch of kids who use their parents as banks.[/color][/size] :animeangr
  2. [color=green][size=1]Yay~ another noob enters the forum. I hope to stay here for a while and since I currently do not have the patience to talk about myself in paragraph form due to laziness, I will find a survey somewhere to introduce myself: [b]Name:[/b] Munky [b]Birthday:[/b] March 18 (remember that, kiddies ;D) [b]Hobbies:[/b] Singing, dancing, drawing, basketball, GFX, photography, pretty much anything that has to do with spatial and creative intellect. [b]Favourite food:[/b] I'll eat anything as long as it hasn't rot...and as long as it's vegetarian. [b]Occupation:[/b] Student [b]Anything else you want us to know about you:[/b] I like keeping up with politics as much as I can as long as it doesn't get boring. Pop-culture mildly interests me to a certain extent. I have my own language but I was told that people here do not like people who speak their own tongue so I shall restrain myself. If I fail to mention anything else, well, you'll get to know me so~ mm`hmm. [/color][/size] :rotflmao:
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