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  1. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime CRAPImation

    You sir are an idiot....Yes i too was born and raised here in the USA but this has gone way to far...if you apluad funimation for blasting people into the next dimension then that's ok...But the fact is they completely ruined the show. Yes, voilence was removed but at the expense at: "We cant show running or flowing blood only dry blood and scrapes" Anyway i told you not to freakin post if you were going to whine like a baby about it.....
  2. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime CRAPImation

    This post will BASH Funi's teeth out.........If you like FUNImation please.. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER - - - - - - (By the way in no way am i bashingh CN, some of their shows are quite funny) - - - - - - There, i warned you.... Funimation is the most god awful recycled crap i have ever seen in my life... Not only have they ruined DBZ for all American viewers they have ruined my DBZ pride in the US. I can't believe how much they have turned the best anime show of probably [i]all time[i/] into a heap of sh*t... By now your saying Mastermind.... what's so bad? Well in the following paragraphs ill describe exactly what's so terrible..... ---------------------Raditsu/Saiya-jin------------- The worst saga of all time......While I must admit Raditsu was actually OK so parts made me cry..... Krillin throws a Kienzen at Raditsu's cheek...... It cuts him and....NOTHING COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Geez what the hell is wrong! Timmy the retarded 2 year old knows that if you get cut what happens! Blood! Yet the assume there little trained monkey viewers agree with they that there body is made from all skin. and blood which keeps you alive isn't in your body.... Now the saiya-jin..... well here's just an example.... "Nappa destroys a helicopter...you see it explode into a million peices" Then "I see two parachutes, o great there OK!" HOW THE HELL COULD YOU POSSIBLY SURVIVE THAT don't worry it gets worse.... "Nappa destoys buildings- "Too bad they all evacuated this is great target practice.. WTF damnit how could they evacuate in 2 seconds... why in the japanese version you see people disintergreat when hiot with nappa's beam... And then there's In the japanese version, tien's arm gets blasted and he's bleeding every where and when he's about to die...he remembers his life...vry dramitc and sad... while ion the english we get "This three eyed coybow is out for the count...Ill give em my last blast..YEEHAW!" ......WAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I will post the rest of this of this saga, and namek and garlic...tonight post your comments
  3. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime Female saiyans

    [I]Pan is Gohan's half Saiyan, half human, daughter[/I] [I]Crazywhiteboy[/I] Actually Pan is 1/4 saiyan, but anyway back to my real post: There are no female saiya-jins that acutally come into the spotlight, we only see a small glimpse of a couple as PV is get destroyed. Another strange factoid is that female saiya-jins cannot go SSJ or any levels after that. This was mentioned by Akira himself in a press confrence....
  4. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime DBZ Smash Bros!

    I was actually morely thinking gamecube....its using the SSBM engine so i would just be obvious to do it on gamecube...anyway its just a game that will never exsist...
  5. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime DBZ Smash Bros!

    Well wouldn't it be a cool idea? Here i thought of goku's stuff A=Basic Punch A+->=Smash attack, dragon fist B=Kamehameha (chargeable, you hold back and release a massive wave, fully charged could do about 40% and have tremendous knock back, takes about 14 seconds to fully charge. B+up=Instantaneous Movement (instant transmission). (gets you automatically on the nearest platform if u are with in reachable range [computer would calculate that] does about 15% if near to you if u jump with this and there is no near platform it will do nothing) B+down=Trip (need to be close) (goku trips an opponent and uses an energy blast for about 13%) B+->=SSJ (makes all of your attacks deals 5% more damage while your in this form, lasts 45 seconds) So what are your ideas? Post new characters to, im not patient enough to do it :box:
  6. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime re-generating

    The manga explained if 51% of cell's body is intact he can regenerate 100%. Anyway i read on planetnamek.com that he had 3 brain cells left so he could fully regenerate his brain. Anyway goku was really tried. He put about 80% of his energy into the blast. :cool:
  7. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime Android Saga

    They play the current saga until some time before summer... Then they go back from frieza....:( But why would you want to see that garbage? Go get japanese subbed stuff......
  8. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime buu's pure evil

    sure gohan :blush:
  9. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime Which DBZ/GT character are you like?

    1 Trunks (Mirai) :babble: # 2 Freiza :eek: :eek: # 3 Shenlong (Eternal Dragon) # 4 Son Pan # 5 Trunks (Chibi) # 6 Bra Breifs # 7 Krillin # 8 Pikehan # 9 Supreme Kai # 10 Videl # 11 Yamcha # 12 Android 18 # 13 Bulma Briefs # 14 Buu # 15 Cell # 16 Chichi # 17 King Kai # 18 Master Roshi # 19 Sensu Bean # 20 Son Gohan # 21 Vegita # 22 Mr. Satan # 23 Piccolo # 24 Son Goten # 25 Son Goku
  10. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime Insanely Confused

    1. Heros: (well sorta) Giru (A robot thingy), Villains: Dr.Myuu, Bebi, and the evil shenron(s)[1-7], Pilaf (does he count?) :laugh: Trunks is Not Chibi Trunk's so. He is just an older version. Krillien is NOT like kame he looks oldER but not REALLY OLD The plot is good but strange. Basically Pilaf (remember him) wishes goku was a child again so he could beet him easily, well it doesn't work out that way... yea he's a kid but he still kicks pilaf's :butthead: . Goku would be stuck as a kid but he goes on an adventure for the black star db's ultra powerful DB's hidden across the universe. They travel in space ship (goku, trunks and pan gohan & videl's daughter) hence the GT (Grand Touring). Along the way they meet villians, oddities, and other strange characters along their search.
  11. -_MaStErMiNd_-

    Anime buu's pure evil

    Actually it all started a while back.... /flashback Way before Goku, Freiza, Vegeta or any other main character was born Bibidi (Sp?) ruled with the original majin Buu. The original destroyed thousands of Planets and WAS Completely [b] PURE EVIL [/b] until the day they met dia kioshin. Diao was a very good hearted man with no evil in his heart at all, and when Bibidi confronted him he gave buu the command to kill the poor soul. Instead the growingly powerful and instubordinate buu absorbed him. Buu's appearence changed dramatically. Instead of a pure evil killing mechine spawned from hatred he became a fat funny semingly harmless character. Buu at this time was no longer pure evil but more like a 60 40 ratio of good and evil (good being 40). During this time buu became radical and impossbile to deal with. Fearing his life, Bibidi sealed his power in a ball for easier transpostation methods... The target was set for earth and "the magic ball of buu" was transported there. Meanwhile Bibidi was attacked and killed and the ball was hidden, never to be released again...... Problem was Bibidi had and son....name was Babadi, Majin Babadi Fast Foward >>>>>>>>>>> Buu was resurected by Babadi and is now friends with satan. Satan's dog was shot dead. Buu wanted to get whoever did this to his dear friend's precious pet and his inner anger and [i]....evil...[/i] was realsed. This caused Buu to split into two parts one good, and one evil. In the end evil buu became victorious and ate good buu, thus transforming him into the monster he was before..... So he is almost pure evil, bout 2 of the remants of Diaou is left in good buu which was eaten. 98% Pure evil 2% good