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  1. oh yeah? well im fairly certain that my social studies teacher hates me (and everyone else in the class, even Raven...XD) :animenose but hey, I hate her too! pshhhhhhh science & art fair tomorrow...hopefully one of my five entries win something XD bleh. i think i have the beginnings of carpel tunnel...****. if i do, im ****ed. no joke. :animecry: anyways. i AM bored out of my mind. my mother is wearing a blanket. she just kissed my eye. WT* bumping gaia forums is boring. loving this A7x im listening to ahaha :animeswea scream.. XD what a naughty song! :animesmil (yay for
  2. i know i know! the anime Rosario Vampire soooooooooo incredibly cheesy, i couldn't even watch two episodes without feeling like i was going to retch. the manga isn't so bad, but seriously, all the people in it sound like little girls. XD i know, thats probably not a justifiable reason...but trust me.:animenose
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