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  1. bokchoyjialu

    theO Issues & Suggestions

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]I guess it helps to know that the authorities are aware of these issues. ^^ Thanks for the feedback. [/FONT]
  2. bokchoyjialu

    theO Issues & Suggestions

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]I only looked on the first page to see if any of what I'm going to say has been said before, and I didn't see them. Plus since some of the issues I want to address are apparently still around, I'm assuming they haven't been mentioned. So here they are. [B]Issues: [/B][/FONT][LIST=1] [*][FONT=Arial Narrow]At theO, new comments are organized as 'X new comments (X new replies)' at the Backroom. What bothers me?and I'm sure other people as well?is that it will say that there is a new comment when that new comment is by you. Say you have 1 new reply by another user, and then you reply to that person. If you return to your backroom, it will say '1 new reply'. When you go see that "new" comment, you find out it's your reply to that other user. I find this kind of annoying, and I hope it will be fixed.[/FONT] [*][FONT=Arial Narrow]Also in the page which lists new comments/replies, in the 'Comment Replies' section, the link to the replier's portfolio doesn't work. Since it only gives a snippet of the comment, it doesn't show everything the user said. And when I click on the snippet, the comment box doesn't even send you to the right portfolio (yes, this issue is usually only applied to when other users reply to you in their or someone else's portfolio other than yours). So instead, I have to type in the address bar the link to that person's portfolio... which could get tiring.[/FONT] [*][FONT=Arial Narrow]When you modify a post, artwork, or anything that you've already submitted, I wish that it will stay on that same page [for modifying] so that in case anyone wants to further make changes, they don't have to constantly select which art piece or post, etc. that they want to make changes to, and keep cycling in that manner. It gets really annoying, especially for someone like me who likes perfection and I'm trying to find a suitable design for my World, let's say for example, and I'm trying to test different colors, and so on.[/FONT] [*][FONT=Arial Narrow]Now, in comment boxes [for when you leave a description for your fan art, wallpaper, etc. or are creating a post for your World], when you make special changes to your text, such as making selected text bold, italic, or adding a smiley, you immediately get sent back to the top. Now this could be really irritating, since I post my stories in my World, and they're usually really long that when I get sent back all the way to the top of the comment box, I have to take the time to scroll back down to where I left off to continue to make any further changes.[/FONT][/LIST][FONT=Arial Narrow][B]Suggestions: [/B][/FONT][LIST=1] [*][FONT=Arial Narrow]I would like to know who favorites my stuff, so I could perhaps thank them, or any reason anyone might have for wanting to know this piece of information. So maybe a link could be added to 'X members' next to '[B]Favorited[/B]' and send you to a page that lists the users who favorited whatever it is they favorited.[/FONT] [*][FONT=Arial Narrow]Having a record of who dedicated art to you. Same like having a page that lists who favorited what. It makes us feel good and we could remember who those people are.[/FONT] [*][FONT=Arial Narrow]In the inbox's 'Sent' folder, instead of having the column with 'Sent By', I think it would be better if it was changed to 'Sent To'. I mean, I think it would be obvious messages were sent by us. When I look back at messages and try to figure out something out, it's easier to know from looking at the page who the message was sent to instead of clicking every message I've sent to find out. (The same applies to when you open the message.) [/FONT][/LIST][FONT=Arial Narrow]I don't know how clear I was on all this, but... I really hope all this gets noticed. ^^; I think it would help the community a lot. [/FONT]