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  1. I’m 17, overly-optimistic and in my first semester studying Computer Graphics. My character- after one has spoken to me for about 15 minutes would understand- is quite guy-ish, and I tend to give people the idea that I study science and I’m very good at it; which really is blatant false, you see >_____>;; As for my interests, they would be cars, nifty gadgets, cameras and soccer/football [See what I mean?]. Oh and GFX too =3 I like doing wallpapers mostly. Signatures and avatars? Well, I'm okay-ish at them. Though I prefer doing larger things. So if you have any set requests then feel free to ask me! I used to hang around myO a long time ago. Maybe 5 years to be exact, and coming back now....wow! It's pretty different here =D Kudos to Adam for the new look and everything else that's new and improved here ^^
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