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  1. In Germany the eps are already as far as Son Gohan becoming mystic gohan and going to earth Although DBZ started here only a couple months ago we get 2 eps a day, mon-fri
  2. i think its not that bad because whatever he does he never surpasses Son Goku and therefore it doesnt really matter
  3. dear pessimists i know the chance are currently very scarce and all our speculation is based..well.. on speculation yet i think that some arguments you bring dont outrule the possibility ofcourse does a manga/anime that is 15 to 6 years old not appeal that many viewers in a country like japan where new mangas/anime get thrown on the market but if it was originally really popular and did in fact last such a long time then maybe we will one day see a continuum be it as a manga/anime series or only on or a couple movies anyways, it almost seems as if our lives depended on dragonballs but i understand your dissapointment, its always sad when great things end even though it ill be like 2004 when the us dubbed eps of gt end
  4. ok then Western master of anime please tell me about what u know
  5. i have learned to know and love DBZ and really find it Absolutely Amazing Now I was thinking this is the best place to find out about other Fighting Adventure type RPGs, that can deliver a Similar Experience to DBZ Ive heard but know noting about the Following, what others would you recommend and where are they available Ive heard of Gundam and Evangelion but thats pretty much it(the other animes i know are like Pokemon which doesnt appeal to me)
  6. But then consider this Dragonballs was a Smash Hit so DBZ came out That was even more Popular and really rocked so DBGT was created(which kinda dissapoints in story) Now (is it 6) years after DragonballS/Z/GT ended if it still draws alot of attention in Japan(which i dont know) theyre maybe be a continuum or atleast another movie
  7. thankyou jc i will gladly consider your friendly advice yet i would appreciate if one wouldnt judge my english skill based on one freaking post its not like i cant speak english
  8. but then potentially son gohan could still become the strongest ever i mean he was the strongest in the universe at the age of 10 or so and at that age son goku was probably one thousandth as strong so in that respect if gohan really started to train he could easily have become the strongest because theres no doubt he is the most talented although maybe son goten is more talented
  9. Kazaa rox da boat im getting all me dbz eps there
  10. after owning SSB, THPS3 and Rogue Leader my list will definetely grow by REsident Evil(oh man) Eternal Darkness(oh holy **** that game will be the best) Mario(ive waited like 6 years for this) Starfox Adventures(this will be the greatest game perhaps on par with ETERNAL DARNESS) then maybe Turok or Galleon Metroid is a must have just like zelda although im doubtin theyll be out this year NOW U GUYS
  11. havent seen any but im going to see all of them hopefully which one is the Best
  12. still i think its a shame especially after he beat cell he should deserve more credit it would b fair if he atleast became 2nd strongest after goku once again beating vegeta in strength well thats the way it went so we have to accept it atleast goku remains the strongest all the way through DBZ and DBGT
  13. i thought it was so cool how gohan was the strongest and beat the **** out of cell but i hate the big skip in time where all gohan does is go to school and rescue humans and after all that study time he has become weaker then he was 7 years ago as a kid i really think that sux, i mean hes goku son he should atleast be stronger than vegeta
  14. in germany their uncut episodes with swearing increased violence etc but then germany has themost ****ed up censorship laws on computer games
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