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  1. 1 - I don't know if this effect will work at all, because people read at different speeds.
    2 - Can you actually concentrate with the words and music at once?
    3 - Is this an absolutely pointless combination?
    4 - Can I even DESCRIBE places in detail - I mean, I have to focus on feelings and expression. Sentences like "Bodies in motion moving greeting drinking swinging breathing". Most of the time I'm completely ignoring grammar rules - is this acceptable?

    Okay, first off I think you have a interesting idea. Although I can see how you are running into some problems. As for your first problem I really can't help you there because, yeah of course people read at different speeds! But you are basically going to have to just bet on them keeping up to the pace of the song.
    Secondly, if people can drive and put on make-up, text, curl their hair - not that any of those things are good ideas - than I am pretty sure that they could concentrate on music and reading.
    Thirdly, I don't think it's pointless! You have a cool idea so how could it be pointless? People listen to music and read at once all the time, so by putting the music and the book in harmony you get a clear picture of emotion and action behind the story the words and the music tell.
    As for your last question I really don't know about describing the places. I guess that is up for you to decide as the writer. Also, I don't know what you have written so I really can't say. When it comes to grammar rules I am pretty sure it's acceptable, but I suppose I could be wrong.

    Anyway, I hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. [quote name='PiroMunkie' date='21 August 2010 - 03:15 PM' timestamp='1282432518' post='699712']
    [color="#006400"][font="Arial"]Wow, this thread sort of takes me back, lol. I have thought about [b]Gargoyles[/b] in forever, even though I'm pretty sure I still have the movie on VHS somewhere. [b]Pirates of the Dark Water[/b] was awesome. I loved watching all the [b]Johnny Quest[/b] cartoons, even the old ones รข?? if anything I liked watching the old ones better, but the New Adventures were great. [b]Rocky and Bullwinkle[/b]. The [b]Wacky Races[/b] cartoons were always fun to watch. When I was [i]really[/i] young I used to watch [b]Muppet Babies[/b] a lot, lol.

    [b]Ren & Stimpy
    Beavis & Butthead

    Venture Bros.[/b]

    I really don't watch much of any TV anymore to know what the cartoon world is like now, but those were some of my favorites.

    Oh and any cartoon featuring [b]Marvin the Martian[/b]. He was always a favorite of mine, lol.[/font][/color]

    Marvin the Martain was good. I liked him and Bugs Bunny. I saw probably every episode as a kid that those characters were involved in.

  3. Okay, I know you have already gotten alot of responses to your question but I don't think one more will hurt.
    First off, I understand where you are coming from. I am currently in a similar situation with a friend and trying to figure things out for myself.
    Now, as for your situation I think it is best to be open to your friend, let her know what is bugging you and your friends in a non threatening manner. She obviously still sees you as a friend so it would be a stab in the back to suddenly be mean or end the friendship. Although your feelings toward her are otherwise treat her with respect.
    As for the hugging thing I [i]completely[/i] understand where you are coming from. You don't have to tell her exactly the reasons why you are uncomfortable with this physical contact but don't lie to her either. Simply tell her that you need to set boundries and you can keep your reasons to yourself. If she is truly your friend she will respect your privacy.
    That is about all I can say on the issue. I hope this helped.

  4. Well, my favorite cartoon movie was Lady and the Tramp. As for shows I watched things like spiderman and lots of shows about cars. Yes I know for a girl this is odd. But I guess loving the movie Jaws at age five is strange as well.