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    [font="Palatino Linotype"]My family doesn't exactly celebrate Christmas. We call it Christmas but it's just supposed to be Christmas Eve. Even then, we only spend three hours together, which is just the dinner. No one has any money for gift exchange, either. I'm not really sure why I look forward to it if I end up disappointed every year. I feel like I should have gone with my dad this year when no one gets mad at me for everything. [/font]
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    Ah, I apologize, I can't be as charming as other members. Well, my name is Felix but anyone is free to call me by my username. Frankly, I came on the forum since it seems more active than most, but I don't identify much as an otaku; if I did, it would be slightly embarrassing. That's not to say that I don't like anime and manga, because I do enjoy indulging in this particular hobby, just not so much obsessively. Anyway, to put it briefly, my other likes include the following: Video games, drawing, making graphics, cleaning and organizing, Oriental music (J-Pop, K-Pop, traditional, etc.), Korean dramas, cats, and Lee Soonkyu. Random facts: I'm planning on majoring in Clinical Psychology, I have a deviantART and tumblr account all under the same name, but with little update on my dA because I have no scanner. I'm a firm follower of Buddhism and hope to visit a temple in the future for some training. I believe that's it, I can't tell if this was too long or not since I'm posting via iPod.