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  1. Anime

    Sage: Leomon's line is not complete but Panjyamon(i think) was in the show when Devimon stuffed Leomon full of Dark Gears he beacame Panjyamon. ANyway you were looking for Grapleomon
  2. RPG

    Cloud: I prefer regular digivolution Wraithmon Digivolve to... HI-WRAITHMON Cloud: I say we take the digimon in groups. Terri and I will take the Ultimaye. The Rest go after the Mega, we'll catch up with you there... *Terri and cloud run towards the ultimate*
  3. Anime

    AAAA too hard try guessing some of my ones that no one else has gotten
  4. RPG

    Cloud: good strategy... my name is Cloud and this ia Fenrimon Terri: My name is Terri and this is Howlmon Cloud: our digimon look strangley alike min has a crescent too only his is black and has a circle over it... Terri: I noticed that too... *Both digivieces go off revealing a large amount of energy to the east* Cloud: I am heading there if you want you can come
  5. Anime

    1: Listen to our beautiful singing 2: Davis originally stumbled on me going to the bathroom(edited out)
  6. Anime

    Kiwimon, Plesiomon, Koromon
  7. Anime

    In the morning on 4 legs at noon on 2 in the evening on 3 legs what am i?(non-digimon related) ?????mon: I ride when i evolve i fly. (2 awnsers)
  8. Anime

    1. impmon? 2. Toyagumon 3. Gatomon?
  9. Anime

    1: Guilmon or Omnimon 2: Calumon 3:(2 EZ) Guadromon, Andromon, or HiAndromon 1. bzzzz.... bzzzzzz..... like the grim reaper I harvest my foes 2. Red sword, dark spirit, new boss 3. When pink on a dragon is the least of your worries(EZ)
  10. RPG

    Name: Ryu Akiyama Nickname: Cloud Age/Grade: 13 Personality: Loner, has a few friends but he trusts them 100% Phys. Description: White Hair(spiked), long black coat, white shirt, black pants, carries his uncle's red scarf on his arm Family/Background: The nephew of Ryo Akiyama(parents named him after him but the birth certificate was screwed up), Parents are dead, lives with uncle who got him into the card game and ids constantly trying to make him "lighten up! " Crest: Chaos Digimon In-Training: Kagemon/Dark Bubble Shot/Little black ball Digimon Rookie: Fenrimon/Napalm Rain/Little Fire Wolf* Digimon Champion: Wraithmon/Shooting Star/Tiger/Wolf with lions mane, mainly black* Digimon Ultimate: Hi-Wraithmon/Total Destroyer/ Wraithmon with spikes coming from back feet and tip of tail on fire* Digimon Mega: Yushamon/Main Drive/Android looking covered in black and red armor, carries a 2 swords similar to Cloud's(FF7)* Romance: Like people who talk to them and who he can trust *: carries the crest of chaos on their head
  11. RPG

    *wraithmon skids to a halt and Cloud flies off* Cloud: Wraithmon why the **** did you stop were almost there... [SIZE=1]uh wraithmon[/SIZE] Wraithmon: I sense a digimon.... Cloud: really..... *CLoud checks his D-Ark and finds Orochimon* Wraithmon: lets go.... *Wraithmon and Cloud Run to find an Orochimon beating on a strange digimon with an uncanny likeness to fenrimon, this would have been weird enough if it hadn't been for the fact that the digimon had a... Tamer....* Cloud: Wraithmon we'll sort through this later but first let's beat this disgrace of a dragon. Wraithmon digivolve! Wraithmon Digivolve to... Hi-Wraithmon Hi-Wraithmon: Total Destroyer
  12. RPG

    on his way towards Terri, Cloud picks up another signal... Cloud This one is closer we can reach it really quickly if you... Fenrimon: 10 steps ahead of you Fenrimon Digivolve to Wraithmon *Jumps on Wraithmon and they fly towards Jonathan looking for a fight*
  13. RPG

    Cloud: Wraithmon use Shooting Star Wraithmon: SHOOTING STAR Greymon: NOVA BLAST *Wraithmon's attack is destoryed and is hit by the attack forcing him back to Fenrimon* Fenrimon: ouch... my head Cloud: You'll pay for that one greymon... time to fight fire with fire! DIGI ARMOR ENERGIZE Fenrimon Armor Digivolve to... FlaWizarmon, The Power of Chaos FlaWizarmon: Fire Cloud *The attack hits and greymon is destroyed* *FlaWizarmon beomes Fenrimon again* Cloud: huh... someone's nearby... *follows his digivice towards Terri*
  14. RPG

    Name:Cloud Crest: Chaos:flaming: Digimon: Rookie:Fenrimon[COLOR=indigo]*[/COLOR] (A little fire wolf)Attacks: Napalm Rain, Fire Breathing Armor:FlaWizarmon [IMG][/IMG] Attacks: Fire Cloud, Magic Ignition Champion:Wraithmon[COLOR=indigo]*[/COLOR] (A tiger-wolf with a lion's mane)Attacks: Shooting Star, Moon-Lighter Ultimate:Hi-Wraithmon[COLOR=indigo]*[/COLOR] (Now has blades and his feet are flame)Attacks:Total Destroyer, HiRyu Mega: Rebelmon (Andorid looking wears black and red armor, carries swords similar to Cloud's(FF7)) Attacks: Main Drive, Blood Knight Omega: Age:13 Bio: An orfan, went from foster family to foster family, loved playing the digimon card game.... Descrption: White hair, Skull earing, black clothes [COLOR=indigo]*[/COLOR] : Have the crest of chaos on their forefead which looks like a Black Cresent with a circle above it