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  1. I thought it was funny at the start but after the fifth volume IMO it started to become old and repetitive. I kinda got tired of seeing Keitaro being launched into orbit all the time. Also I never liked Naru. I thought Keitaro deserved someone better.
  2. Def_Kun

    Anime X

    I treated the movie as a big teaser for the series so I found it bearable. Too bad Kakyou didn't make an appearance there. The series I loved very much. Making the movie, manga and series independent from one another was a great move by CLAMP. The series had better character development and more plot and story IMO. Fav character??? DOH Kamui of course!!!
  3. I loved the series. I haven't finished it yet though. The characters were great. Mostly, the series was a laugh trip but on some occassions it became heartwarming. My fav. character??? Probably Hayama... Fav. gag??? Definitely the Bururucha!!!!
  4. Yey!!! I'm not a fan of yaoi/yuri types of anime but I loved this one. I've finished the first season and I thought it was a refreshing and new idea. I'm just sad that the ending was a cliffhanger. My favorite character is of course Mr. Nice Guy Muraki. BTW I loved the opening theme Eden...
  5. Def_Kun

    Anime Tokyo Babylon

    As a stand alone series it was okay. It's kinda short so I couldn't remember all the details clearly. I do remember that sucky outfit Subaru wore on the first episode. Ehhh...??? I thought it was better when you consider it as a prequel to X TV and not as a separate series.
  6. X TV's Shiro Kamui. Just love 'em characters with tragic fate.
  7. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shinobi [/i] [B]Hey, i saw this when i was in protugal on holiday, it looked great and funny too, it was also made by the maker of DBZ, Akira Toriyama (sp?). * Yaiba I'm not sure if anyone ahs heard of it, or saw it, but it look pretty funny. It contains Evil Bunnies! Who wouldnt like that!?!??! ^_^ [/B][/QUOTE] OY! That was a long time ago! I loved it. It's quite different from DBZ but you could still see the similarities (The powers and the hairstyle). Quite funny also. :laugh:
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Utena_Tenjou [/i] [B]I'm only on the 8th episode, but it's kept me intrested so far, I always get addicted to twisted and screwed up anime, I started watching it for the Shonen Ai, but now I just like it. Muraki..creeps me out, I don't like him >_< I still say Tsuzuki would go much better together with Hisoka n_n [/B][/QUOTE] What!!! Muraki was the greatest character in that series. Let me rephrase that. HE IS THE SERIES!!! hehehehe..... But I didn't like Tsuzuki and Hisoka's relationship. Besides the point that they're yaoi, neither of them has that strong presence. If Tsuzuki's gonna get hitched with a man then I'd prefer him going with the secretary (forgot his name. The one with the eyeglasses).
  9. Currently trying out a few new titles... 1. Tokyo Underground 2. Rah Xephon 3. Prince of Tennis 4. King of Bandits Jing 5. Gensoumaden Saiyuki aside from the usual Chobits that I haven't finished yet.
  10. I personally don't like much of shounen ai types of anime. I still feel uncomfortable when watching them. But gotta agree with Yami no Matsuei. Gawd the plot was so dark and twisted that it kept me interested for the whole series (even though it's just 13 episodes). Muraki's character is so twisted that he should be nominated as the best villan of the year.
  11. I was exaggerating it. Of course they were not half naked throughout the season but there were instances that I just wanted them to get it over with.
  12. Ok so scratch out Kamui Replace him with Kintaro (Goldenboy)
  13. 1. Shiro Kamui (X TV) 2. Maria Tachibana (Sakura Taisen) 3. Hikaru (Rayearth)
  14. Def_Kun

    Anime 9/24/02

    I love X TV, mostly because of the tragic fate bestowed upon Kamui. The movie was nothing much though... X TV and the movie are independent from one another. You can watch the movie or the series first, it doesn't matter since some events that happened in the movie does not happen in the series and vice-versa. The only problem is some people avoid the series since they think it's exactly like the movie. And I love eX Dream by Miyugi!!!
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