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  1. [FONT=ARIAL] [color=darkorchid][size=2]Being a junior facing ACTs and college and such is just a high-stress time of your life to be in, and having overly-dramatic friends don't help much. I'm more than sure I was born with the tendancy to obsess over every little detail, so worrying is a definite lock. I think yearning would be one as well, if that could be changed into an emotion. I live in a very suburban town with all the typical high school stereotypes (but instead of only 500 students, I deal with 4,000+...) and I just need to get out. I've traveled alot previously because of my mix
  2. [color=teal][size=1]You, know, she's actually not bad. At first, I thought she was just another singer who was trying to be ethereal and what not, but I actually liked some of her songs.[/color][/size]
  3. [SIZE=1][COLOR=teal]There's really no such thing as true love in my opinion, but as some other previous members stated, it really has everything to dow ith friendship. How can you love someone when you don't know them? However, I can't deny a certain feeling of [I]rightness[/I] when you first meet that special someone. When I met my boyfriend, I felt it. We were best friends for two years, and have been dating for about a year. Now, I don't know if what we have is love, but it's the closest I've ever come and that's good enough for me. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  4. [QUOTE=Godelsensei][COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]What the hell kind of thread is this?! [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [color=orange][size=1] Well put. I'd have to say that this is one of the most egotistical threads I have probably ever seen on OB, let alone on various other message boards. It just oh [i]so [/i]warms our hearts that you feel good about yourself, it really does, but the fact that you're going to toot your horn to people you barely know and/ or don't give a crap if you're on a football team or not is really just quite sad. With that said, I'm totally cool. [/co
  5. [color=orange][size=1] I go out and party with my friends until I'm dead tired. Or try to think of a way out of the situations that's screwing up my life at that particular moment. Either way, I always feel better in the end, and my head always hurts. [/color][/size]
  6. Mist


    [color=orange][size=1] If I died today, I think my biggest regret would be not looking both ways before crossing that stupid street. If I could change one thing about my life, I probably would have changed my decision to not tip my hair bright orange. My most cherished moment is probably when I met my boyfriend, just to be consistent with the corny aspects of this discussion.[/color][/size]
  7. [color=orange][size=1] I feel your pain, but I certainly hope you haven't had the misfortune to use the namebrand Clean and Clear facewash; not "Morning Burst". My face was so itchy. Anyway, it goes the same with every facewash for me. Luckily, your problem is like mine, so I'd suggest Clinque face wash soap. It's really good, but its a [i]little[/i] expensive. (But it's worth not looking like I lost in a fight with Edward Scissorhands...) Hope that helps![/color][/size]
  8. [quote name='xmystic_silverx']! One April Fools day, I hid my mother's coffe and cigarettes, then I took her camera and took a picture of where I his them. That day they never found them until my mom developed the film and saw that I hid them in my brother's dresser! HAHAHA![/quote] [color=orange][size=1] *falls over laughing* That's great! You just gave me an idea for my sister's prank...Couldn't leave her out, ya know? *Goes in search of sister's hair straightener and camera*[/color][/size]
  9. [color=orange][size=1] I've participated in countless protests and I have to agree with Winter: They're pointless. My reason being: I've found it to be more effective if you bring your problem [b]discreetly[/b] to the source and remain polite to solve it, instead of dragging along those who would use your cause for an excuse to rile up. In response to this protest, I would suggest you and a small group of the leaders of the protest call a meeting with Dr. O, see how [i]he[/i] feels about the whole matter. If you still see the need to push the issue, try to set up a meeting with th
  10. Mist

    RPG Down To Earth

    [color=orange][size=1] OOC: Okay, I'm way too lazy to read through all the posts, so I'll just take it from the last library girl's post and hope I'm somewhat in this... _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mara gazed tiredly at Vaxla at Laura. "How about," she suggested, staring at her nails nonchalantly, "we [b]not[/b] find a new place to read, and instead go out and have some fun?" She hopped off the tabe she had been sitting on, due to the dirty glare that had been directed towards her from a libraian. Laura s
  11. [color=orange][size=1] I don't usually do April Fool's Day pranks, but after my best friend set me on a horrible blind/double-date with her and her boyfriend, retribution [b]was[/b] in order. I put orange hair dye into her mandrain orange shampoo last night, and she wasn't speaking to me until an hour ago. (She lightened up when I told her I chose the dye over Nair, the hair remover lotion.) Needless to say, seeing your friend's hair soaking with your favortie color is priceless. (But the pictures will be $1.50 when I get them developed!)^_^[/color][/size]
  12. [color=orange][size=1] I'm going to sound really mean right about now, but if you're ugly, you're ugly. What I mean is, ifyou're one of those people who says "Gah, I'm so fat!" every morning to your mirror, you're probably saying that for a reason. Not to be mean, of course, but that's just my take on the attitudes of about the 3/4 of the girls in my gym period locker room. I don't like guys who do not understand the word [i]personal hygiene[/i]. For some reason, some of the guys that have come onto me in the past seem to have been under the impression that the yello mustard stain had com
  13. [color=orange][size=1] The fact that you think you are overreacting is stupid. This is an easy situation to mend: You want to hang out with the guys because 1) They're more fun than the girls and 2) the guy you want hangs with them. The problem is that you are asking for us helpers in internet land to make the decision: hang out with the people you trully have fun with or force yourself to hang with girl's against your will. And the thing is: there's no definite answer. Guys like to hang with the girl side of the group, but you have to understand that there are certain times when you sho
  14. [color=orange][size=1] I [b]love[/b] Vertical Horizen. I'm actually a bigger fan of "Send It Up" and "Give You Back" I love their lyrics. I find them so clever![/color][/size]
  15. [QUOTE=ScirosDarkblade] I don't think Mist and NineTails have a clue, actually, because both believe that people are trying to help, but just can't do as well as some would like. Well, a few people ARE trying to help, but most aren't. I would encourage the both of them to educate themselves on the issue, and then maybe we'd get some real suggestions out of them.[/QUOTE] [color=orange][size=1] I'll admit I'm not really educated in the issue, but I wasn't aware if the human race was a plague or not was a researchable issue. I was under the impression it was merely a matter of opinion.[/color
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