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    New Members: Introduce Yourselves Here

    I'm new and I used to like Naruto Manga but I don't like it since I didn't like 700 or the movie.
  2. Guardian8

    Request My Fan Art Requests threads

    My Naruto OC:   Name: Daniel Rabu Age: 30 Gender: Male Height: 5'3" Hairstyle: Dan Kato's hairstyle. Hair color: Darkish Brown Eye color:  Dark brown Body type: Natural Skinny.       Clothes: Red sleveeless jacket but the jacket is similar to Anko's jacket; black pants, black shirt, dark red ninja shoes, red headband that is wrapped around his right shoulder under the tattoo that is of a wolf's head that's carrying a red rose in it's mouth.   His History: Grandson of  Haku's clan and Guren's clan (crystal user).  He fell in love with Kurotushi.     Jutsu:   Crystal Armour Crystal Release: Crimson Fruit Crystal Release: Crystal Encampment Wall Crystal Release: Crystal Imprisonment Wave Crystal Release: Crystal Lance Crystal Release: Crystal Needles Crystal Release: Crystal Pentagonal Prison Crystal Release: Crystal Wheel Crystal Release: Growing Crystal Thorns Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Labyrinth Technique Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Mirror Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Prison Technique Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Wall Eighth Formation Crystal Release: Shuriken Wild Dance Crystal Release: String of Glory Crystal Release: Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon Crystal Release: The Gods' Crossings Technique Crystal: Giant Hexagonal Shuriken Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken: Wild Dance Jade Crystal Clone Technique Certain-Kill Ice Spears Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death   Side note: Only premission to those are NARUSAKU FANS, SASUHINA FANS OR SASUINO OR SASUKARIN FANS.
  3. These are my own version of Naruto Next Generation:     1. Chiyo Uzumaki: Parents: Naruto & Sakura Uzumaki. Sibling(s): Haku Uzumaki (her brother) Gender: Female Hair color: Red hair Eye color: Green Cheeks: Two Whiskers markers   2. Inoji Uchiha: Parents: Ino & Sasuke Uchiha. Gender: Female Hair color: Black Eye color: Blue (Sharingan) crush: Haku Uzumaki   3. Chōchō (Just in Manga)   4,  Hikari Lee: Parents: Hinata & Rock Lee. Gender: Female Hair color: Black Eye color: Lavender     5. Aki  Uzumaki: Parents: Sai & Karin Gender: Female Hair color: Red Eye color: Red       6.  Jun Parents: Tenten & Kankuro Gender: Female Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown     7. Shikadai Nara (The same as the Manga) His crush: Chiyo Uzumaki     8. Sho Inuzuka: Parents: Kiba & Tamaki Gender:  male Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown     9. Haku Uzumaki: Parents: Naruto & Sakura Uzumaki. Sibling(s): Chiyo Uzumaki (his sister) Gender: Male Hair color: Pink but spiky hair style. Eye color: Violet Cheeks: Two Whiskers markers Crushing on: Kurotushi's daughter.
  4. Hey there! Merry Christmas. I'm new here.