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  1. That was a pretty hasty response. Yeah, if the forums are pretty active here, it'll be really nice to have. By the looks of things right now however, it may not be needed specifically for the forums. And yeah, thanks for the clarification. So OB and theO are two different beasts of community, where they go hand-in-hand yet never intersect huh? Makes sense.
  2. I am suggesting a change to the old 'theO Chat' and instead use a Discord server for this instead. Since theO chat is on an indefinite haitus for the time being, this would at least serve as a nice holdover for the time being. For explaination about what discord is, it's a chat-based service that allows for multiple sections to discuss, similar to how a forums board is (Or more closely teamspeak). It's also able to be used inside of the web, and all it takes is making a new chatroom and you can hold a whole community inside. It's worked in communities with resounding success (like subreddits o
  3. Hello guys. Not sure about what the website is about but I was forwarded here by a friend of mine. I have used the IPboard software before so I know just how it works, so these forums feel familiar. I'm an animator in Minecraft animation, and I also doodle some things using references as a guide. I'm looking to improve my drawing skills sometime, but right now I am enrolled at Job Corps. Posting here will not be frequent from me, but I am free to offer constructive criticism on works (even though I may not post a lot of my own.) Lets see how this turns out I suppose. Thanks for having me.
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