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  1. RPG

    This is a fianl fantasy RPG that will most likely have 1 player..... -------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL FANTASY QUEST ---------------------------- Prelude: the sky was black as midnight, the land a devastated wasteland after centuries of civil war, there are few left strong enough to stand only a select few are not affected by plague and sickness, or slaves in some evil wizards tower. In the city of Mellaine a council is being formed, to be held in 3 days. Warriors and wizards are expected to come from all over the land, and the council shall decide on a party in which to save the land of Hakaimo. --------------------------------------------------------------------- My character CLASS: WHITE MAGE RACE: HUMAN AGE AND HAIR COLOR AND CRAP IS OPTIONAL) ( I WOULD DO IT BUT THE KEYBOARD ON MY STEP_MOMS COMPITER IS REALLY MESSED UP)
  2. Gaming

    Well my favorite would have to be A link to the past, despite my liking of the 2 GBA games, i like the graphics, i like the story, the controls, and the items, and the bosses arnt to easy and not yet too hard ( I thought OOT could have hired balde bi sexual midgets and they would pose a higher pose than those previously selected by Gannon) and thats pretty much it....
  3. Gaming

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i] [B]After all that stuff, only one person attempted to answer the question lol. I'd go with Red Mage, simply because they can do magic and still be a decent fighter. Theif seems like the most useless. [/B][/QUOTE] Yes i will agree with you there thief is useless it seems... i never really got into blackbelts either.. I usually get a party similar to this.... Fighter, Red Mage, Fighter, and White mage
  4. Gaming

    Whats do you think is the best class in FF1?
  5. Gaming

    mand this pisses me off... ok.. i slapped in the FF9 disc i bought last summer when i was at my uncles, I see i'm at Burmecia, where i left off, and i see Brhane and Beatrix, and fight Beatrix, lose horribly, and then Kuja steps up, in a movie type screen, and all of a sudden it totally freezes..does anyone know what the hell is up with that??? It has happened 4 times and im starting to wonder if its a gliche or somethin.... Any advice???
  6. Gaming

    is there any FF games around here with like all the classic classes(Red,Black,White Mage, Fighter, Blackbelt, and Thief) im just wonderin because that would be cool.....
  7. RPG

    Hey is it too late for me to join or not?? cause this looks cool... God I love Castlevania......