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  1. Heh... This is one I was gonna start at SSF... [i]The massive waves smashed into the walls of Dollet... Huge stone and metal walls build to guard the city during a storm like this one... The wind lashed hail and rain down along the city streets, breaking windows, and damaging roofs... There had been many casualties, people being swept away by the wind, or being caught in the massive tidal waves, and dragged out to certain death at sea... The people were helpless against the force of the storm... The entire city had been reduced to a derelict, abandoned ghost town... But this was only a taste of things to come. Something within the planet stirred, ready to awaken... ...At Trabia Garden, a lecture is ending. The teacher, a tall man in his early twenties, stands up, and dismisses the class... 20 students, 16 of them female... He grins. He'll never get sick of seeing the SeeD cadet uniform, consisting of high boots, short skirt, and tight top... As the students file out of class, he sits down, and turns on the flatscreen monitor attached to his desk... The monitor comes to life, and is covered with images of the storm ravaging Dollet... The reception is a bit off, but that's to be expected, seeing as the Dollet Comm. Tower is most likey damaged.. Or even destroyed. The entire world was now connected only by the Comm. stations set up at each of the 3 gardens, and the Timber TV station... At least the Radio Interference was no longer a problem. He clamps his hands together, and watches the images closely... The storm seems unreal, unnatural... Something's not right. He brings up a Computer Terminal, and accesses a radar weather image of Dollet... He sees no pattern in the storm... He clicks immediately. This isn't natural weather. This is the work of something else... He shuts down the monitor and his terminal. There's no time to lose. He grabs his weapon, a massive sword, and slings it over his back. He pulls some silver tinted sunglasses out of the front pocket of his black trenchcoat, and puts them on... He sighs, and heads out of the classroom, and walks towards the garage... He didn't even have time to announce his departure... But it was Thursday evening, and he had no classes until Monday. He hoped to be back by then... But he'd never teach at Trabia garden again.[/i] Before we get started, I'd like to clear a few things up. Firstly, I want good Roleplaying. Secondly, this takes place in an alternate FFVIII world, therefore none of the events in FFVIII ever happened here... But they may happen, in time. And lastly, anyone wishing to participate should fill out this little sign-up sheet to help everyone understand your character better. Name: (well, it's your name...) Age: (in years, duh..) Height: (Preferaby in Feet and Inches...) Occupation: (Wether you're a Mercenary, Member of SeeD, SeeD Cadet, whatever...) Location: (Where you are to begin with...) Description: (Whatcha look like, what yer wearing..) Bio: (your history, personality, etc...) --- Weapon: (Hell, this can be virtually anything... But keep it semi-realistic. No cruise missiles.) Magic: (For now, a maximum of 3 BASIC spells... Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Scan, Cure, etc...) Limit: (you know how it works... Limit Break.. Desperation attack.) So, let's get this show on the road. I'll begin by posting my own stats... Name: Flash Murakumo Age: 22 Height: 6'3" Occupation: Head of Staff, Trabia Garden. SeeD Magic Instructor. Location: Trabia Garden Description: Spikey grey hair, tied in a pony-tail at the back, green eyes. Wears a black trenchcoat with baggy black pants and a black shirt underneath. The shirt has a red dragon printed on the left side. Also wears silver rimmed sunglasses, and black combat boots. Bio: Raised in the Orphanage run by Edea Kramer, and was accepted into Trabia Garden at age 7. He became a SeeD at the early age of 11, aceing all of his SeeD field tests and exams. He was given his instructors license at 15, and has been teaching ever since. A friendly guy, but fierce and strategic in battle. Very often distracted by members of the opposite sex... Working around attractive young SeeD cadets for the last 15 years sure has gotten to him.. --- Weapon: OmniElemental, a massive buster-type sword, enhanced with various upgrades to give it Multiple Elemental properties.. Magic: Blizzard, Scan, Fire Limit: OmniBreak - A 10-hit combo with the OmniElemental. The sword randomly picks an Element (unless the enemy absorbs/resists the damage of that element) and Flash rapidly attacks the enemy. The attack is followed by a Finisher.
  2. Guest

    Sign Up The Gang Wars

    This is my first rpg I'm starting... [i] [Background] Just a few years ago it all started.... This is how it happened, one day a few years ago, two gangs had a fight, it was the two best gangs in the country... The Ferals and The Kajin They had a massive rumble, fighting and killing everywhere, blood that spread for miles upon miles.... This was just the nub of the problem, a few months later... a gang that was good started to oppose BOTH gangs. They were called The Angels of Peace/Death They lost miserably, major death tolls... Not many of the Angels escaped from this battle, a small suriving group remains, but as the gang wars still continue between the Feral and Kajin, the country is becoming more of just a giant desert of nothing... But as time came over, the Ferals started to see the good in fighting for a right cause... They started to turn good, some of their fighters didn't like this, so they joined the Kajin, and the remaining group of Angels have now just join the Feral gang...[/i] [b] What you need for the SIGN UP [/b] Name: Alias: Age: Height: Weight: Background: Personality:[option] Apperence: My stuff... Name: Wasabi Alias: Wasabi Age: Unknown Height: '5"9-ish Weight: around 150 Background: Wasabi's parents are dead, he saw them get slaughtered and beaten to death, he watched his mother get raped, he tried to stop these people that were doing this, but they grabed him, and put a nice scar across his left hand... he lived by stealing and threating others for food and other things... He soon joined some local gangs, he worked his way up the gang ladder in respect and diginity between the members of the gangs in the local area, soon enough, one day, he saw the light, the light of GOOD, he joined the Angels, despite all of his helping them, they became nothing, he was one of the few surivors... He has seen more killing and slaughter then most people will see in their entire life... Personality: Wasabi doesn't talk much, he just does what he is told, it has been said that his eyes are icy blue because of his stone cold heart... But if you gain his trust, he will be there for you, always Apperence: black hair, icy blue eyes, black saggy jeans, with a white undershirt, a black leather jacket that he is attached to, steel NAZI boots, with a switchblade in his left pocket, his scar on his left hand is very visible and able to see clearly
  3. Guest

    Sign Up zona di arresto

    well ppls I'm starting an rpg (no dur...) because I'm sick of all these Dragonballs and Starcraft etc. rpgs. ok it all starts in the future (bet you saw that coming!) and the worlds in flames and all that (think matrix cross Diablo 2 feel to it) and since my imagination is dead you guys make it up... I mean any thing can happen right? ok well every other rpg here has this so not to be diff I will too. Name: (nicks only) Age: (think of a good ages say 20 to 40?) Appearance: (yer....) Bio: (male and female only - aliens to if you want, anything - your game) Personality: (ha... crazy!) ok I'll start - Name: Eps Age: 22 Appearance: human, male. (see sig) Bio: hmm crazy mad weird? Personality: see Bio lol. any ways ppls have fun!
  4. It's been years sense anyone has seen the dreadful mist.The world was at peace.There were no more seru of the mist.The mist had been wiped off the face of the world......or so they thought.Signs of mist have been appearing.Seru have begun to change again into the vicious beasts controlled by the mist.Mist generators have begun to appear and villages were destroyed.Now it is up to seven young heroes and their Ra-Seru to fight against the mist for the last time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To join post a profile like so: Name- Age- Appearance- Bio- Ra-Seru- Techniques-(five tops.you can get more later) Weapons-(this is based mostly on hand-to-hand combat so no guns and big swords.Short swords are allowed.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name-Hayato Kushrinada Age-19 Appearance-Blue hair,blue eyes,black baggy pants,boots,blue shirt with a brown vest with flames on it over the blue shirt. Bio-He is the son of Vahn.One of the heroes who were the first to destroy the mist. Ra-Seru-Meta Techniques-Hyper Elbow: Hayato hits five times in five different spots with his elbow. Slash Kick-Hayato jumps in the air and kicks you in the collar bone. Tornado Flame-Hayato hits you with a firery upper-cut. Weapon-Hayato's fist: A special fighting glove designed only for him.It is made out of pure iron Dagger:A simple dagger.
  5. [I]In a dark realm, far, far from our planet, the earth, an evil undisturbed spirit rests in his realm, a realm of pain and suffering, one in which only he himself existed, feeding off of the energy from his greed, his eyes, sharp and penetrating, a fiery red, his hair long and green, still stained with blood from his last victims, he was a loner, heart darker than the darkness itself, destroying planet's was a joy to him, the look on people's faces as they begged for their live's gave him pleasure, and now he was making preparations for his next target[/I] ???: like a fire, emitting slowly in the dark, a planet lies, when born, so full of life energy, as if a new born child, millions upon millions on years, the planet blossoms, it prospers, species live, and species extinct, oh the joy of being able to eliminate all of that [a dark, evil grin begins to form on his face] ???: and this planet intrigues me, civilization here has prospered, technology, peace, happiness, all this shall be no more, they will finally fear me, they will bow down to I, the one, they shall beg to I, the demon, they shall die by my hands. [he crosses his arms, eyes closed, deep in thought] shriek: they will know the fury of shriek! SIGN UP ok, same old stuff again, bah.... name: Sephiroth age: 21 race: half saiyajin, half ancient appearance: looks like sephiroth, bah bio: both parents deceased, no siblings, a dark prescence is always felt around him, his glowing green eyes strike fear into the hearts of those who look into them, though calm, nothing else is known about him I'll start the rpg when enough people join....
  6. Ok, I've had it.. All you spamming newbies with your horrible grammer, and RPGs that I would find in the trash, LISTEN UP. I have two words for you: Straighten up. Stop all this lame RPing that consists of "1 g0 1n 4nd 5h00t 3v3ryth1ng up 1 w1n h4h4" I've had it. I'm at the breaking point. I'm feeling pretty depressed right now, and all this bull is making me push over the edge. Now, I can't very well just LEAVE OtakuBoards.com because I have made some commitments to the GOOD members here. So I have some suggestions to make all of our visits more pleasent.. 1) [b]Put THOUGHT into your RPG/posts, instead of saying "I hold a tournament u join we play".[/b] 2) [b]Clean up your grammer.[/b] I'm SURE you all have SOME sort of access to a program with Spell Check and whatnot. Use it. 3) [b]Try and stop being so cheap.[/b] No one is invunerable. Even I get injured. Even Warlock gets injured. Even Flash, and Craig, and countless others get injured. It's time for the newbies to get injured some. 4) [b]Put some effort and detail in your posts.[/b] This would solve about 50% of the problems... 5) [b]Follow this.[/b] Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I know the Moderators will agree with the basic idea of this. Maybe not with the method, but with the idea I'm sure of. Most of the topics here in G&RPGs are pure spam-fests right from the start (A prime example was that Zoids Tournament by Cloud Strife 00). Other, better RPGs with actual PLOT (Some of you may be hearing this word for the first time) are dragged down by spamming newbies. So, I'm advising you to stop. Otherwise, we might lose something... Just follow the above guidelines and we'll get along fine... -Neil
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