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  1. Most people who regularly browse the internet watch YouTube, but what gets watched tends to vary from person to person. I think it might be interesting to find out what your top three favorite youtube channels are.  You can also give a quick description or why you like them if you want.   My favorite is Idea Channel. Occasionally Mike willl cover anime and games (which is how I found the channel) but really what draws me is the philosophy he correlates to modern culture. He kinda has a Vsauce/vlogbrothers kinda style, but his content is less science and more conjecture.   I also really like Game Theory. Overspeculation is the name of the game. Matt strings together game information from any legitimate source, no matter how rediculious the figures become in order to make a compelling point. Usually this makes the physics of game worlds crumble... but sometimes he creates possible conspiracy theory storylines which I tend to believe.   Lastly Veritasium is something I always wait for. I paid attention in physics class so I haven't learned much from the channel scientificlaly, but I love watching Derek teach strangers about the rules that govern our universe. I have used his methods to teach my 8 year old cousin about inertia, my 6 year old cousin about gravity, and my grandpa about global warming.   If you don't have a favorite channel you can post favorite videos instead!