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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: This short novel does not contain any form of sexual activities. This is intended for Juvenile readers.   Hello fellow Otaku users, my name's SpiritOfKorra and I'm a novelist. The past couple of years I've been writing action/adventure stories, one big one being 300 pages! Because I don't like to stick with one genre in particular, I've recently been delving into the romance side of literature.    The story that I'm about to share with you is about the love between two young boy; one of whom doesn't realize the other is a male. They will discover feelings that they never knew they had. With each chapter you will watch them grow from innocent teenagers to complex adults.    Now I will be publishing this digitally through a provider whom I will not mention, due to the fact that I'm not sure it would be appropriate to post on here without knowing what I can and cannot post on the forums/boards. It will be released sometime in February.   If you're interested in this story after reading my sample, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'm very open to criticism as long as it's honest and detailed. I'll provide a small sample of the first page. Without further ado, here it is.     (Title of the novel will remain unknown until published. )     Note: The book is still in its editing phase, which is why I'm holding its release date until February. Furthermore, it's not pasting as it should; Format wise, etc.                                                                                             Chapter 2          Michael sat on his coach watching television while eating a can of soup when he heard someone knocking on the door. His mother was out to work while he stayed at home. He took a final sip from his bowl before placing it into the sink and rinsing it out. He walked over to the door and looked out the window; It was Courtney. He opened the door and stepped outside, Courtney greeting him with a hug. Michael shuts the door behind him and locks it, placing the house key into his front pocket.        "So what are going to do today?" Michael asks.        Courtney smirks, taking him by the hand, pulling him along with her. They reach a beautiful garden full of roses and other types of flora. Courtney releases Michael and skips over to sniff the roses near the park bench. She signals for Michael to come over and smell them with her.   "Smell this one," She says. Michael looks at her and then takes a whiff, his eyes falling heavy from the intoxicating arouma the flower let off. It was absolute bliss.        "It smells good," Michael laughed.                    That's the end of the sample. I implore you to leave a comment or message me with your thoughts! Thanks! :D
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