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Could someone help me with my deck? Thanks.

[U]Normal Monster Tributes(5-6 stars)[/U]
-Twin-Headed Fire Dragon(2200/1700)
-Illusionist Faceless Mage(1200/2200)
-Judge Man(2200/1500)
-Steel Ogre Grotto #2(1900/2200)
-Battle Steer(1800/1300)
-Neo the Magic Swordsman(1700/1000)
-Curse of Dragon(2000/1500)
-Flame Cerebrus(2100/1800)
-Labyrinth Wall(0/3000)
-Tyhone #2(1700/1900)
-Summoned Skull(2500/1200)
-Rude Kaiser(1800/1600)

[U]Normal Monster Tributes(7+ stars)[/U]
-Gaia the Fierce Knight(2300/2100)
-Dark Magician(2500/2100)
-Blue-Eyes White Dragon(3000/2500)

[U]Effect Monster Tributes(7+ stars)[/U]
-Sword Hunter(2450/1700)

[U]Normal Non-Tributes[/U]
-Rogue Doll(1600/1000)
-Dragon Zombie(1600/0)
-Battle Ox(1700/1000)
-Guardian of the Throne Room(1650/1600)
-Whiptail Crow(1650/1600)
-La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp(1800/1000)
-Magical Ghost(1300/1400)
-Dark Assailant(1200/1200)
-Beaver Warrior(1200/1500)

[U]Effect Non-Tributes[/U]
-Wall of Illusion(1000/1850)
-Trap Master(500/1100)(x2)
-Lord of D.(1200/1100)
-Witch of the Black Forest(1100/1200)
-Man-Eater Bug(450/600)
-Castle of Dark Illusions(920/1930)
-Sonic Bird(1400/1000)
-Mysterious Puppeteer(1000/1500)
-The Stern Mystic(1500/1200)
-Mask of Darkness(900/400)

[U]Ritual Monsters[/U]
-Performance of Sword(1950/1850)

-Commencement Dance
-Chain Energy
-Horn of Light
-7 Completed
-Chorus of Sanctuary
-Sword of Dark Destruction
-Dark Energy
-Book of Secret Arts
-Tailor of the Fickle
-Limiter Removal
-Ancient Telescope
-The Flute of Summoning Dragon
-Remove Trap(x2)
-Card Destruction
-Dian Keto the Cure Master
-Change of Heart
-Dark Hole
-Share the Pain
-Monster Reborn
-Soul Exchange
-Last Will
-The Inexperienced Spy

-Castle Walls(x2)
-Driving Snow
-Reverse Trap(x2)
-Shadow of Eyes(x2)
-Fairy?s Hand Mirror
-Enchanted Javelin
-Trap Hole(x2)
-Just Desserts
-Type Zero Magic Crusher
-Solemn Wishes
-Ultimate Offering(x2)

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I know I need to cut down on cards, I'm just having trouble deciding which ones to take out. I think my theme is going to be warrior/fiend/spellcaster, of course I'm going to keep some other cards in, like some of my dragons and my zombies.
Note: I just took out some cards. Not many though. Look at the top of the page.

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