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you want 2 bet on the ones that sound really confident (i forget if they bark, if they do, that's a good bet also), something like i can't lose today, my wife and children are depending on me, etc. it's not a sure thing, but they should b in the top 5.
NEVER bet on one that whines or doubts itself, on your game one of these will always be near or at the back of the pack.
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Guest firemac
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by leo_swinkels [/i]
[B]Is there an easier way of winning the doggy race track. I`ve got the mask of thruth but than it is still very difficult to win the race. can you two "experts" help me out on this one? [/B][/QUOTE]
just wear the mask, and pick them up, and listen to each of them, and there's usually a tough choice, like k9 said, there's like 5 top ones, bet on one of them, and hope he ends up in the top three, or even better first.
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