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Hiya People!
I was wondering today, about what response I would get from a thread that let's Board members slam their favorite teachers!
Now in your first section, write the 3 teachers that really annoy you, and why. Chuck in some details if you can!
Now, in the second section, do exactly the same, exceot with the teachers that you enoy being taught by!

Look Forward To Hearing Your Responses!
3 Annoying Ones
Mr Nanji - I am not racist, but I can't understand a word this man is saying to me, and he stinks badly!
Miss Evans - She likes picking on me. Every two minutes ''You alright Alex' and 'Alex, concentrate' or 'Alex, stop talking', even when I am NOT talking! Idiot
Mr Mclean - He likes helping...NOT! He tells me off whenever I get out my seat, even if I am getting a piece of paper from front or something! Also, when he helps you draw something, he walks of with your pencil!:mad:

3 Enjoying Ones
Mr Nanji - Only because he is so goddamn funny. He stutters on nearly every word, he spits when he talks and he says certain words funny e.g Eight - Oit, Third - Turd
Miss Corley - She is cool because she is really quiet, and she seems to like helping us. I get on with well, because she treats us like people, not just pupils
Mr Maddox - Sadly, he doesn't teach me anymore, I have Miss Evans :demon: YUCK:demon: but this guy is great! His eyebrows could carry his books, and he talks funny. This is one of the funniest thing he ever did - 'Sir' 'Yes' 'I don't want to work today' 'ok...' lol! Did nothing for the whole lesson! Also, Grant Harris chucked a Banana at his butt in Science when he took us as a substitute!!!

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[size=1]After thinking about it for a while I have decided that this topic is spam. Complain about your teachers somewhere else, please.


[size=1][color=red]When the gavel comes down on you, it's final! [img]http://cwb.250free.com/Others/gavel.jpg [/img]-Mitch[/color][/size]

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