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Eh.. some piano music


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I posted this quite a while ago on the older boards... Dunno who's interested, but I'd like some feedback, if you don't mind waiting a few minutes for the pieces to download. One of them I know most of you are quite familiar with, the other two, maybe.

Zelda theme - [url]http://www.total3d.com/zeldapiano.mp3[/url]

3rd movement of Moonlight - [url]http://www.total3d.com/Recording1.wav[/url]

Black Key Etude - [url]http://www.total3d.com/Recording1.mp3[/url]

Basically that's it.. they're bad quality cause I recorded them on my ipaq... but eh.. what are you gonna do... oh well. Hope I don't bore you guys too much =]
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