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Have model kits??

Ice Dragon v2

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Alright, I can't remember the exact model names, but here goes:

EW: Tallgeese III
EW: Heavyarms Custom
Char's Zaku
SD Wing Zero Custom
GW: Heavyarms
GW: Sandrock
GW: Wing Zero
GW: Altron Gundam
GW: Deathscythe Hell

I have a few more, just not built yet...The Char's Zaku is a really, really old model, and I haven't finished it yet...really hard, the peices are so small. All these are 1/144...I can't find any 1/100's around here. Anyone know where I can get some here in Toronto?
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id love to get some models, ive been wanting a TallGeese that i can have on my desk for ages, but living in a small town doesnt help, and the fact its also in the UK makes it worse, there was on good model shop near by but it closed down, i suppose summat like amazon etc might have them, but i dont have a credit card either, bugga!
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eBay, maybe? If you're under 18, just lie, or talk your parents into buying it for you. They aren't as expensive on eBay...you can get some pretty good deals. I dunno if there's a UK eBay...I know there's an American one, and a Canadian one...try [url]www.ebay.com[/url] and see if you can find International links.
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1/100 models
Zaku II
RX 79 (g) Gundam
RX 79 (g) Gundam Ez 8
Gouf Custom
Wing zero custom
heavy arms custom
Hydra gundam
Heavy arms
original Gundam
Zaku III
thats enough I can't type any more that's what I have not that much but a nice showcase in the terrains I make
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lets see i have

master grade

RX-79 (G)

High Grade 1/100

Heavy arms custom

High Grade 1/144

RGM-79 (G)
Deathscythe Hell custom
Heavy arms custom
Tallgeese III
Serpent Custom
Sandrock custom x2

Low Grade
All of the Gundam W models (including the vayate and mercurius)

Chibi Grade


my "grand total is way over $400

I think thats it but I am getting some more 4 christmas :)
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