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Queen Asuka

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[color=hotpink][size=1]Here's something I wrote for all of my friends on the Otaku.

Let me be your sunshine, your ray of shining hope
I want to be the one to set your world aglow.
Whenever your heart is full of darkness or the world around you's gray
I want to be the one to take that sadness away.
Whenever your tears are falling and your emotions are breaking apart
I want to be the one to come and mend your heart.
When you need someone to talk to and you feel you're never right
I want to be the one to redirect your sight.
You are so important to me and I care more than you'll know
So let me be your sunshine and light your heart aglow.[/center]

I have dedicated this poem to the following:

[b]Kenneth:[/b] You are my best Otaku friend. I hope you feel better. I am always here for you.

[b]Lady M:[/b] For everything you've been through with Mike. Good luck with your pregnancy.

[b]Shyguy aka Joshness:[/b] I know you've been going through alot. Just hang in there.

[b]Juuthena:[/b] I hope you find that someone just for you.

[b]PiroMunkie:[/b] Heh, just because. ^_^

[b]Jenna:[/b] I hope you know your brother is in a better place.

I also leave this to everyone who is going through hard times right now and need someone to rely on. I am willing to be your friend if I'm not already. I love all of you guys.

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I love it to bits ^_^
I like the way you made it rhyme without it sounding even slightly cheesy.
*cough[/b] Unlike mine [b]cough*
And I like the way you made the ending lead back to the beginning again.

The only thing I can say is the word 'redirect' seems kinda out of place in the poem to me.

*feels inspired and thinks about maybe making an poem for OB too*[/size]
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