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The Most Frustrating Thing

SSJ5 Vegeta

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He sits on his couch
He needs to take his sister to his mother's
She has a project she needs to do
The one he loves
Is the one he tinks about now
He get's in the car
And they go
On the 8 minute drive there
He laughs so hard with his sister
He almost cries
Sometimes they hate each other
But other times
They're like best friends
They pull up and an unexplained dread
Grips his heart
He hesitates to go in
She's always in the back of his mind
He decides to stay
As he walks in
His mother hugs him
His arms dangle limply
She says I love you
He stutters to say it back
He feels uneasy
He remebers the time
He came into the living room
And she was smoking crack
And he said her cigarette smelled funny
Eight years old, ignorant
He remembers hearing her puke
In the "Hospital"
His parents lied
It was a Diagnostics center
Puking from withdrawal symptoms
He remembers how she left him
And his sister for 3 years
Didn't call or write
He can't forgive her
He won't
And he feels the hate
The tears well up inside
But he knows she loves him
A small tear runs down her face
He doesn't visit her that much
His sister does her project
His stepfather and mother laugh
As he cracks jokes about Michael Jackson
And other things
As he get's ready to leave
She asks if she can fix him dinner
He can see it in her eyes
Her love for him
She's silently begging him
To stay
Stay just for a few more minutes
He does, and eats her good food
He goes home, she hugs him
And he squeezes her tight
As he heads out the door
The cold wind strikes him
And a windblown tear
Splashes onto his eyelash
He get's home
Surely she will be home
He finally get's ahold of her
After 10, she can't talk that long
The line has been busy forever
She's been on the internet
He's coming down with a cold
The next day he calls her in the morning
Tells her, the one he loves
That he's sick
He is, very sick
Surely she will understand
She tells him he's a p*ssy
And breaks up with him
Because he's sick and can't come to school
She says she will get over him at school today
Tells him he is useless to her
She hangs up, leaving him hanging
He remembers how she promised to marry him
A year and 5 months gone
He wishes for the courage
Not to cry...
The most frustrating thing
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