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Bye-bye my friend

Guest Kaizer_Boy

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Guest Kaizer_Boy
Okay, this story might be a little bit sad. A kid n yu-gi-oh dies(****** dies.) I can't tell you who dies. You might have to figure it out on your own. PG For:laugage

Chapter one
Set's girlfriend
Seto POV
I can't belie it. It's all my fault. I shouldn't of thought about myself today. Shizuku was right. I should of stayed home. Now, he gone. The only one who knows about me. He's gone because I thought about my self.This all started yesterday when I was going over to my girlfriend's house.......
* * *

"Shizuka I'm sorry. I told you not my fault." I said. She just glared at me. I made one single mistake. "Listen Seto, I can't be with someone who yelled at me." Shizuku said. "I'm sorry Shizuku, forgive me please I didn't mean to yell at you i'm sorry." I said. I 'd hope she would forgive. She smiled at me. "Fine. I can't be mad at a cutie like you." She said. She thinks i'm cute, cool. I thought. "Why don't you come over to my house, we can have a duel." I said. "Hmmm, A duel with you, sure i'll duel you. Prepare to lose." Shizuku said. "But first, I have to do some." Shizuka walked up to me. Then kissed me. Whoa!I thought
"now, let's duel!" She yelled
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