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Island of Dreams


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This idea has been sitting idle in my head for about three weeks now. I originally thought about turning it into an RPG but decided to make it into a short story/novel thing. Here it goes...

[center][size=5]Island of Dreams[/size][/center]


The United States has taken over almost the entire world. All of Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and parts of Antactica. The only place that is still free from the crushing grasp of the United World (formerly the US) is Australia. Being completely surrounded by water has it's advantages.
The year is 2180. An Anti-Matter Shield covers the whole island. It protects from all airborne attacks and possible fly-ins. In the coast of Australia is a network of low-yield Nova Bombs. They decimate everything that they come in contact with. Ever since the fall of the United Nations in 2160, Australia has been a safe haven for those that openly oppose the actions of the UW. All the best scientists flock there to help develope new technology to aid in the struggle against the UW.
It seems useless... All of the attacks that the Australian Resistance (AR) have launched have done nothing but infuriate the already raging swarm of bees. They have reacted with nuclear, protonic, and anti-matter bombs. Nothing can break the shielding over Australia. The resistance has done nothing but launch periodic attacks at the tyrants. Nothing major has been done.
This is where the project codename: 'Island of Dreams' come's in. IoD is made up of an elite group of soldiers. There are five. The leader of the mission is Commander Alan Roecher. Roecher is a projectile weapon expert and is proficient with every type of gun. Lieutenant Jennifer Madison is the attending computer hacking expert. She will be cracking the many security measures the group comes up against. Former Navy Seal George Erikson is the knife and bladed weapon expert. Silent kills are his forte. A Ghost is always required on any mission. The Ghost on this one is Frederick McArthur. He majors in stealth and infiltation. And then there is me. My name is Ryan Gerrison. I'm the explosives expert. I'll be demolishing anything that can't be moved by conventional means. We are the Island of Dreams. We will succeed.
This is just the prolouge. I'll be posting this chapter by chapter or in some cases part by part, depending on how much free time I have. Feedback is always welcome.
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