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RPG Wings of Hope - Prologue

Guest Seadra Reef

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Guest Seadra Reef
Author's Note: This was my second long Pokemon-related fiction. You really don't have to be interested in Pokemon to enjoy it. I get a lot of people who hate Pokemon reading it and loving it. This fiction is quite popular at Pojo, Pokemasters and BulbaGarden. So let's see how it does here.


"What are you waiting for, Seadra?!" Andy shouted, "Finish him off!" She ordered.

I gulped and looked down at the man who had destroyed so many lives, including our own. I wasn?t sure exactly what I felt when I looked down at his terrified expression. He deserved to be killed for his crimes, but nothing would come of it. It was hard to believe a few minutes ago he had the chance to kill Andy, Carol and myself. We?re different from regular teenage girls?we have wings and special elemental powers. It?s hard to explain the whole story, but it started with the man I was given the chance to kill right then and there, Mason.

Carol, Andy and I don?t consider ourselves human-enough to walk among regular people down busy streets like most. We have wings and strange powers of different elements. While I had the ability to use electric attacks like a Raichu, Andy could use the fire attacks of pokemon such as Ninetales and Carol used water attacks like a Lapras. It?s a long story with how we got these abilities and who Mason was?

"Seadra!" Andy screamed as she smacked my back with one of her wings, "Just finish him off with an electric attack!" She gave me one of her unforgiving glares. With her flaming red hair, blond bangs and ocean-blue eyes, her glares were just brutal. Andy?s the oldest of us three, and the most mature.

I looked back down at Mason, the one I used to look to?the one I trusted with my life. The golden rings in his eyes were almost gone and his sweat messed up his brown hair and dripped down his scar. He wasn?t running, he wasn?t going to, I knew it. He knew he was trapped, you could tell by the look on his face. He wasn?t going anywhere. Any slight movement he would make would probably result in Andy, Carol and I to attack him all at once with our strongest attacks. Normally, we would have our pokemon with us to back us up. But this was between him and us.

I looked behind him to see Carol. Her wings were tucked in onto her back and I could see the tenseness in her green eyes. Carol was always the tense one of us. She was always shy and nervous, but not now. I had never seen her so intense in my 15-year life. For the first time, we just went out and did whatever she felt was right, or more what Andy thought was right, which was to kill Mason for everything he did to us.

"If you don?t do it, Seadra, I will." Carol said in a straight tone. She was serious, this was really important to her.

But I thought to myself, it wasn?t right; I didn?t want to do it. I couldn?t, and I wouldn?t let Andy or Carol do it either. I looked back to Andy with a serious expression, "No. I won?t do it. It?s not right. It doesn?t matter what Mason did, no matter how awful. We?ve done enough to him. We already destroyed his own life. There was no need to take it away now. Please? Andy?" I pleaded.

"Are you thinking straight, Seadra?" Andy growled, "Don?t you remember everything he did to us? Don?t you remember what he did to Victoria?! Shoot, stop and think about it, damn it!"

Suddenly, red lights from around the lab-like room began to flash and whirl around. An alarm went off and its rings stung my ears. The walls began to shake and glass jars and other strange objects began to fall off the shelves around the room. Andy and Carol looked around, trying to figure out what caused the place?s alarm to go off.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw Mason take advantage of the situation and reach into one of his pockets of his leather jacket and pulled out a pistol. He had it aimed straight at me. I froze. I could see straight down the hole where a bullet could shot out of in a split second. Carol and Andy paused. They knew if they tried anything, he could fire. It was then everything that had happened in the past two years flashed right before my eyes.
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